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  1. arXiv:1710.09230 (Published 2017-10-25)

    Supervised Classification: Quite a Brief Overview

  2. arXiv:1710.09334 (Published 2017-10-25)

    Active manifold learning via a unified framework for manifold landmarking

  3. arXiv:1710.09220 (Published 2017-10-25)

    The Heterogeneous Ensembles of Standard Classification Algorithms (HESCA): the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

  4. arXiv:1710.09505 (Published 2017-10-26)

    Knowledge Projection for Deep Neural Networks

  5. arXiv:1710.09553 (Published 2017-10-26)

    Rethinking generalization requires revisiting old ideas: statistical mechanics approaches and complex learning behavior

  6. arXiv:1710.09490 (Published 2017-10-25)

    Complete 3D Scene Parsing from Single RGBD Image

  7. arXiv:1710.09829 (Published 2017-10-26)

    Dynamic Routing Between Capsules

  8. arXiv:1710.09813 (Published 2017-10-26)

    Sparse Diffusion-Convolutional Neural Networks

  9. arXiv:1710.09757 (Published 2017-10-26)

    Deep Spatial Regression Model for Image Crowd Counting

  10. arXiv:1710.10134 (Published 2017-10-27)

    On the density of the odd values of the partition function, II: An infinite conjectural framework

  11. arXiv:1710.09868 (Published 2017-10-26)

    How far did we get in face spoofing detection?

  12. arXiv:1710.10196 (Published 2017-10-27)

    Progressive Growing of GANs for Improved Quality, Stability, and Variation

  13. arXiv:1710.10192 (Published 2017-10-27)

    Dual Path Networks for Multi-Person Human Pose Estimation

  14. arXiv:1710.10101 (Published 2017-10-27)

    Image matting with normalized weight and semi-supervised learning

  15. arXiv:1710.11033 (Published 2017-10-30)

    Descent polynomials

  16. arXiv:1710.10951 (Published 2017-10-27)

    SGDLibrary: A MATLAB library for stochastic gradient descent algorithms

  17. arXiv:1710.10473 (Published 2017-10-28)

    SeeThrough: Finding Chairs in Heavily Occluded Indoor Scenes

  18. arXiv:1710.10928 (Published 2017-10-30)

    The loss surface and expressivity of deep convolutional neural networks

  19. arXiv:1710.11063 (Published 2017-10-30)

    Grad-CAM++: Generalized Gradient-based Visual Explanations for Deep Convolutional Networks

  20. arXiv:1710.10749 (Published 2017-10-30)

    Cascade Region Proposal and Global Context for Deep Object Detection