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  1. arXiv:2206.06620 (Published 2022-06-14)

    Slimmable Domain Adaptation

  2. arXiv:2206.07802 (Published 2022-06-15)

    What makes domain generalization hard?

  3. arXiv:2205.12716 (Published 2022-05-25)

    Searching for quasi-periodic oscillations in astrophysical transients using Gaussian processes

  4. arXiv:2205.12908 (Published 2022-05-25)

    Searching for outliers in the Chandra Source Catalog

  5. arXiv:2205.12780 (Published 2022-05-25)

    Bayesian model comparison of Lorentz Invariance Violation using Xiao et al GRB spectral lag catalog

  6. arXiv:2205.12916 (Published 2022-05-25)

    Constraints on dark matter annihilation and decay from the large-scale structure of the nearby universe

  7. arXiv:2205.12878 (Published 2022-05-25)

    The multichord stellar occultation on 2019 October 22 by the trans-Neptunian object (84922) 2003 VS$_2$

  8. arXiv:2205.12387 (Published 2022-05-24)

    The interacting pair of galaxies Arp 82: Integral field spectroscopy and numerical simulations

  9. arXiv:2205.12584 (Published 2022-05-25)

    KMT-2021-BLG-0171Lb and KMT-2021-BLG-1689Lb: Two Microlensing Planets in the KMTNet High-cadence Fields with Followup Observations

  10. arXiv:2205.12805 (Published 2022-05-25)

    Exosphere-Mediated Migration of Volatile Species On Airless Bodies Across the Solar System

  11. arXiv:2205.12949 (Published 2022-05-25)

    High-Precision Redshifts for Type Ia Supernovae with the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope P127 Prism

  12. arXiv:2205.12608 (Published 2022-05-25)

    Slow-Roll Inflation at N3LO

  13. arXiv:2205.12624 (Published 2022-05-25)

    Cloud-cloud collision and star formation in G323.18+0.15

  14. arXiv:2205.12782 (Published 2022-05-25)

    Discovery of faint double-peak Halpha emission in the halo of low redshift galaxies

  15. arXiv:2205.12783 (Published 2022-05-25)

    Detection of eccentric close-binary supermassive black holes with incomplete interferometric data

  16. arXiv:2205.12946 (Published 2022-05-25)

    The Physical Properties of Low-Redshift FeLoBAL Quasars: II. The Rest-Frame Optical Emission Line Properties

  17. arXiv:2205.12882 (Published 2022-05-25)

    Physical properties of the trans-Neptunian object (38628) Huya from a multi-chord stellar occultation

  18. arXiv:2205.12692 (Published 2022-05-25)

    The quadrupole in the local Hubble parameter: first constraints using Type Ia supernova data and forecasts for future surveys

  19. arXiv:2205.12571 (Published 2022-05-25)

    Statistical properties and correlation length in star-forming molecular clouds: I. Formalism and application to observations

  20. arXiv:2205.12855 (Published 2022-05-25)

    Influence of mass of black holes on radio/X-ray correlation diagram