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  1. arXiv:2102.01682 (Published 2021-02-02)

    Exploiting dynamic quantum circuits in a quantum algorithm with superconducting qubits

  2. arXiv:2102.01695 (Published 2021-02-02)

    Observation of a prethermal discrete time crystal

  3. arXiv:2102.02573 (Published 2021-02-04)

    Quantum walks on a programmable two-dimensional 62-qubit superconducting processor

  4. arXiv:2102.06146 (Published 2021-02-11)

    The effective model structure and $\infty$-groupoid objects

  5. arXiv:2102.09834 (Published 2021-02-19)

    Complete objects in categories

  6. arXiv:2102.00770 (Published 2021-02-01)

    James's Conjecture holds for blocks of $q$-Schur algebras of weights 3 and 4

  7. arXiv:2102.00984 (Published 2021-02-01)

    Faulty picture-hanging improved

  8. arXiv:2102.00996 (Published 2021-02-01)

    Compositions that are palindromic modulo $m$

  9. arXiv:2102.01252 (Published 2021-02-02)

    Current-induced dynamics of skyrmion tubes in synthetic antiferromagnetic multilayers

  10. arXiv:2102.01517 (Published 2021-02-02)

    Encyclopedia of emergent particles in three-dimensional crystals

  11. arXiv:2102.01529 (Published 2021-02-02)

    Conditional distributions for quantum systems

  12. arXiv:2102.01379 (Published 2021-02-02)

    Overpartitions and functions from multiplicative number theory

  13. arXiv:2102.01613 (Published 2021-02-02)

    Anti-palindromic compositions

  14. arXiv:2102.01334 (Published 2021-02-02)

    A note on the fusion product decomposition of Demazure modules

  15. arXiv:2102.01869 (Published 2021-02-03)

    Orbital Edelstein effect in topological insulators

  16. arXiv:2102.03178 (Published 2021-02-04)

    When Only Topology Matters

  17. arXiv:2102.03182 (Published 2021-02-05)

    Combinatorial Differential Algebra of $x^p$

  18. arXiv:2102.03486 (Published 2021-02-06)

    Stanley--Elder--Fine theorems for colored partitions

  19. arXiv:2102.03867 (Published 2021-02-07)

    Positional Marked Patterns in Permutations

  20. arXiv:2102.04979 (Published 2021-02-09)

    The Stembridge Equality for Skew Stable Grothendieck Polynomials and Skew Dual Stable Grothendieck Polynomials