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  1. arXiv:1804.03701 (Published 2018-04-10)

    Catalan functions and $k$-Schur positivity

  2. arXiv:1803.09681 (Published 2018-03-26, updated 2018-04-19)

    I/O Logic in HOL --- First Steps

  3. arXiv:1803.07556 (Published 2018-03-20)

    Resolving the hydrostatic mass profiles of galaxy clusters at z~1 with XMM-Newton and Chandra

  4. arXiv:1803.07458 (Published 2018-03-20)

    A fast method to identify mean motion resonances

  5. arXiv:1803.07419 (Published 2018-03-20)

    Fractal analysis of the large-scale stellar mass distribution in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

  6. arXiv:1803.07430 (Published 2018-03-20)

    K2-231 b: A sub-Neptune exoplanet transiting a solar twin in Ruprecht 147

  7. arXiv:1803.07477 (Published 2018-03-20)

    Berkeley 51, a young open cluster with four yellow supergiants

  8. arXiv:1803.07529 (Published 2018-03-20)

    The Bright $γ$-ray Flare of 3C 279 in June 2015: AGILE Detection and Multifrequency Follow-up Observations

  9. arXiv:1803.07373 (Published 2018-03-20)

    The VANDELS ESO public spectroscopic survey: observations and first data release

  10. arXiv:1803.07473 (Published 2018-03-20)

    Test of the cosmological principle by means of CMB multipole vectors for $l \leq 50$

  11. arXiv:1803.07298 (Published 2018-03-20)

    Robust Limits on Photon Mass from Statistical Samples of Extragalactic Radio Pulsars

  12. arXiv:1803.07413 (Published 2018-03-20)

    Homing in on Polaris: A 7 M$_\odot$ first-overtone Cepheid entering the instability strip for the first time

  13. arXiv:1803.07286 (Published 2018-03-20)

    1.4 GHz on the Fundamental Plane of Black Hole Activity

  14. arXiv:1803.07320 (Published 2018-03-20)

    The $H_0$ Tension in Non-flat QCDM Cosmology

  15. arXiv:1803.07437 (Published 2018-03-20)

    Orbital dynamics in the post-Newtonian planar circular Sun-Jupiter system

  16. arXiv:1803.07478 (Published 2018-03-20)

    Neutrinos from Choked Jets Accompanied by Type-II Supernovae

  17. arXiv:1803.07521 (Published 2018-03-20)

    OSSOS. VIII. The Transition Between Two Size Distribution Slopes in the Scattering Disk

  18. arXiv:1803.07533 (Published 2018-03-20)

    Void Lensing as a Test of Gravity

  19. arXiv:1803.07334 (Published 2018-03-20)

    Multi-wavelength campaign on NGC 7469 IV. The broad-band X-ray spectrum

  20. arXiv:1803.07302 (Published 2018-03-20)

    X-ray study of Variable Gamma-ray Pulsar PSR J2021+4026