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  1. arXiv:1911.03135 (Published 2019-11-08)

    The size of $t$-cores and hook lengths of random cells in random partitions

  2. arXiv:1911.03707 (Published 2019-11-09)

    Where do the maximum absolute $q$-series coefficients of $(1-q)(1-q^2)(1-q^3)\dots(1-q^{n-1})(1-q^n)$ occur?

  3. arXiv:1911.04849 (Published 2019-11-12)

    Further equidistribution of set-valued statistics on permutations

  4. arXiv:1911.04755 (Published 2019-11-12)

    Partitions into parts simultaneously regular, distinct, and/or flat

  5. arXiv:1911.05565 (Published 2019-11-13)

    The Infinite Limit of Separable Permutations

  6. arXiv:1911.07148 (Published 2019-11-17)

    Finding Modular Functions for Ramanujan-Type Identities

  7. arXiv:1911.08246 (Published 2019-11-19)

    Resolving the positions of defects in superconducting quantum bits

  8. arXiv:1911.08702 (Published 2019-11-20)

    Harmonic Partitions of Positive Integers and Bosonic Extension of Euler's Pentagonal Number Theorem

  9. arXiv:1911.10939 (Published 2019-11-25)

    On the central limit theorem for the two-sided descent statistics in Coxeter groups

  10. arXiv:1911.12240 (Published 2019-11-27)

    Path-Independent Quantum Gates with Noisy Ancilla

  11. arXiv:1912.02166 (Published 2019-12-04)

    Copula-based anomaly scoring and localization for large-scale, high-dimensional continuous data

  12. arXiv:1912.01991 (Published 2019-12-04)

    Self-Supervised Learning of Pretext-Invariant Representations

  13. arXiv:1912.02164 (Published 2019-12-04)

    Plug and Play Language Models: a Simple Approach to Controlled Text Generation

  14. arXiv:1911.02555 (Published 2019-11-06)

    Interactive shallow Clifford circuits: quantum advantage against NC$^1$ and beyond

  15. arXiv:1911.02558 (Published 2019-11-06)

    TensorTrace: an application to contract tensor networks

  16. arXiv:1911.02518 (Published 2019-11-06)

    A spectral theory for transverse tensor operators

  17. arXiv:1911.02539 (Published 2019-11-06)

    On the Strong Attraction Limit for a Class of Nonlocal Interaction Energies

  18. arXiv:1911.02532 (Published 2019-11-06)

    The chord-length distribution of a polyhedron

  19. arXiv:1911.02535 (Published 2019-11-06)

    Variational multiscale modeling with discretely divergence-free subscales

  20. arXiv:1911.02544 (Published 2019-11-06)

    On ISP-rings with zero-divisors