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  1. arXiv:1807.07458 (Published 2018-07-19)

    On the Sweep Map for Fuss Rational Dyck Paths

  2. arXiv:1807.09255 (Published 2018-07-24)

    Hybridization of Singular Plasmons via Transformation Optics

  3. arXiv:1807.09228 (Published 2018-07-24)

    Analog quantum chemistry simulation

  4. arXiv:1807.08970 (Published 2018-07-24)

    Computational speedups using small quantum devices

  5. arXiv:1807.08797 (Published 2018-07-23)

    Theta-vexillary signed permutations

  6. arXiv:1807.08853 (Published 2018-07-23)

    Exact solution of some quarter plane walks with interacting boundaries

  7. arXiv:1807.09292 (Published 2018-07-24)

    The Warden's de Bruijn Sequence

  8. arXiv:1807.09290 (Published 2018-07-24)

    Reciprocals of exponential polynomials and permutation enumeration

  9. arXiv:1807.09928 (Published 2018-07-26)

    Law of Large Numbers and Central Limit Theorems by Jack Generating Functions

  10. arXiv:1808.00059 (Published 2018-07-31)

    Deep Sketch-Photo Face Recognition Assisted by Facial Attributes

  11. arXiv:1808.00362 (Published 2018-08-01)

    Deep Appearance Models for Face Rendering

  12. arXiv:1808.00327 (Published 2018-08-01)

    Generative Adversarial Frontal View to Bird View Synthesis

  13. arXiv:1808.00948 (Published 2018-08-02)

    Diverse Image-to-Image Translation via Disentangled Representations

  14. arXiv:1808.02631 (Published 2018-08-08)

    Training Compact Neural Networks with Binary Weights and Low Precision Activations

  15. arXiv:1808.02861 (Published 2018-08-08)

    Choose Your Neuron: Incorporating Domain Knowledge through Neuron-Importance

  16. arXiv:1808.04303 (Published 2018-08-13)

    Rank-1 Convolutional Neural Network

  17. arXiv:1808.04293 (Published 2018-08-13)

    Fast, Better Training Trick --- Random Gradient

  18. arXiv:1807.06902 (Published 2018-07-18)

    New catalogue of Chemically Peculiar stars, and Statistical Analysis

  19. arXiv:1807.06973 (Published 2018-07-18)

    WASP-147b, 160Bb, 164b and 165b: two hot Saturns and two Jupiters, including two planets with metal-rich hosts

  20. arXiv:1807.06844 (Published 2018-07-18)

    Evolution of Earth-like extrasolar planetary atmospheres: Assessing the atmospheres and biospheres of early Earth analog planets with a coupled atmosphere biogeochemical model