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  1. arXiv:2003.09936 (Published 2020-03-22)

    Engineering Corner States from Two-Dimensional Topological Insulators

  2. arXiv:2003.06553 (Published 2020-03-14)

    Topological phase transition in layered magnetic compound MnSb2Te4: Spin-orbit coupling and interlayer coupling dependeces

  3. arXiv:2003.06776 (Published 2020-03-15)

    Stability of two-dimensional asymmetric materials with a quadratic band crossing point under four-fermion interaction and impurity scattering

  4. arXiv:2003.09942 (Published 2020-03-22)

    A simple electron-counting rule to determine the interlayer magnetic coupling of the van der Waals materials

  5. arXiv:2003.11905 (Published 2020-03-26)

    Fermi liquid behavior and colossal magnetoresistance in layered MoOCl2

  6. arXiv:2003.04039 (Published 2020-03-09)

    Rejecting the Majorana nature of dark matter with electron scattering experiments

  7. arXiv:2003.03770 (Published 2020-03-08)

    Single spin asymmetry $A_{UL}^{\sin(φ_h-φ_R)}$ in dihadron semi-inclusive DIS

  8. arXiv:2003.03711 (Published 2020-03-08)

    Meta3D: Single-View 3D Object Reconstruction from Shape Priors in Memory

  9. arXiv:2003.04070 (Published 2020-03-09)

    When Person Re-identification Meets Changing Clothes

  10. arXiv:2003.04671 (Published 2020-03-10)

    Realizing Pixel-Level Semantic Learning in Complex Driving Scenes based on Only One Annotated Pixel per Class

  11. arXiv:2003.04857 (Published 2020-03-10)

    Image Restoration for Under-Display Camera

  12. arXiv:2003.05710 (Published 2020-03-12)

    EDC3: Ensemble of Deep-Classifiers using Class-specific Copula functions to Improve Semantic Image Segmentation

  13. arXiv:2003.07300 (Published 2020-03-16)

    Generating Spatially Entangled Itinerant Photons with Waveguide Quantum Electrodynamics

  14. arXiv:2003.08264 (Published 2020-03-18)

    Cross-domain Self-supervised Learning for Domain Adaptation with Few Source Labels

  15. arXiv:2003.08051 (Published 2020-03-18)

    Domain Adaptation Through Transferring both the Source-Knowledge and Target-Relatedness Simultaneously

  16. arXiv:2003.08607 (Published 2020-03-19)

    Unsupervised Domain Adaptation via Structurally Regularized Deep Clustering

  17. arXiv:2003.09391 (Published 2020-03-20)

    Domain Adaptation by Class Centroid Matching and Local Manifold Self-Learning

  18. arXiv:2003.09671 (Published 2020-03-21)

    On Information Plane Analyses of Neural Network Classifiers -- A Review

  19. arXiv:2003.09763 (Published 2020-03-21)

    Monocular Depth Prediction Through Continuous 3D Loss

  20. arXiv:2003.10138 (Published 2020-03-23)

    Depth Edge Guided CNNs for Sparse Depth Upsampling