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  1. arXiv:1909.10109 (Published 2019-09-23)

    Subset Parking Functions

  2. arXiv:1909.10898 (Published 2019-09-22)

    A new sieve for restricted multiset counting

  3. arXiv:1909.11729 (Published 2019-09-25)

    Tilings of $(2\times2\times n)$-board with colored cubes and bricks

  4. arXiv:1909.11808 (Published 2019-09-25)

    Simultaneous core partitions with nontrivial common divisor

  5. arXiv:1909.09080 (Published 2019-09-19)

    A Break in Spiral Galaxy Scaling Relations at the Upper Limit of Galaxy Mass

  6. arXiv:1909.09749 (Published 2019-09-21)

    Electric field spectroscopy of material defects in transmon qubits

  7. arXiv:1909.12295 (Published 2019-09-26)

    Quantum Microwave Radiometry with a Superconducting Qubit

  8. arXiv:1909.12055 (Published 2019-09-26)

    Counting non-crossing permutations on surfaces of any genus

  9. arXiv:1910.01592 (Published 2019-10-03)

    Efficient training of energy-based models via spin-glass control

  10. arXiv:1910.02793 (Published 2019-10-07)

    ViP: Video Platform for PyTorch

  11. arXiv:1910.07317 (Published 2019-10-16)

    Machine learning computation of distance modulus for local galaxies

  12. arXiv:1910.07463 (Published 2019-10-16)

    Baryon dominated ultra-diffuse galaxies

  13. arXiv:1910.07291 (Published 2019-10-16)

    Newton vs the machine: solving the chaotic three-body problem using deep neural networks

  14. arXiv:1909.08818 (Published 2019-09-19)

    The Multi-slit Approach to Coronal Spectroscopy with the Multi-slit Solar Explorer (MUSE)

  15. arXiv:1909.08916 (Published 2019-09-19)

    Formation of Massive Protostellar Clusters -- Observations of Massive 70 $μ$m Dark Molecular Clouds

  16. arXiv:1909.09033 (Published 2019-09-19)

    Discrete star formation events in the central Bar of the Small Magellanic Cloud

  17. arXiv:1909.08878 (Published 2019-09-19)

    Diagnostics of collisions between electrons and water molecules in near-ultraviolet and visible wavelengths

  18. arXiv:1909.08867 (Published 2019-09-19)

    A spatio-kinematic model for jets in post-AGB stars

  19. arXiv:1909.09077 (Published 2019-09-19)

    Evidence for a highly opaque large-scale galaxy void at the end of reionization

  20. arXiv:1909.08977 (Published 2019-09-19)

    SCUBA-2 observations of candidate starbursting protoclusters selected by Planck and Herschel-SPIRE