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  1. arXiv:1912.10021 (Published 2019-12-20)

    Identity Document to Selfie Face Matching Across Adolescence

  2. arXiv:1912.09972 (Published 2019-12-20)

    Attributed Relational SIFT-based Regions Graph (ARSRG): concepts and applications

  3. arXiv:1912.09923 (Published 2019-12-20)

    A Calibration Scheme for Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging Setups

  4. arXiv:1912.09903 (Published 2019-12-20)

    Heterogeneous tissue characterization using ultrasound: a comparison of fractal analysis backscatter models on liver tumors

  5. arXiv:1912.10737 (Published 2019-12-23)

    Jucys-Murphy elements of partition algebra for the rook monoid

  6. arXiv:1912.10220 (Published 2019-12-21)

    Spatio-Temporal Segmentation in 3D Echocardiographic Sequences using Fractional Brownian Motion

  7. arXiv:1912.11148 (Published 2019-12-23)

    Binary compositions and semi-Pell compositions

  8. arXiv:1912.11845 (Published 2019-12-26)

    Chebyshev moments and Riordan involutions

  9. arXiv:1912.11655 (Published 2019-12-25)

    Combinatorics and simplicial groupoids

  10. arXiv:1912.12573 (Published 2019-12-29)

    Representations of Generalized Symmetric Groups and Disjunctive Sums of Welter's Games

  11. arXiv:1912.12343 (Published 2019-12-27)

    Projective Embeddings of $\overline{M}_{0,n}$ and Parking Functions

  12. arXiv:1912.12721 (Published 2019-12-29)

    The Hopf algebras of signed permutations, of weak quasi-symmetric functions and of Malvenuto-Reutenauer

  13. arXiv:1912.12725 (Published 2019-12-29)

    Symmetric polynomials in the symplectic alphabet and their expression via Dickson--Zhukovsky variables

  14. arXiv:2001.00162 (Published 2020-01-01)

    Overpartitions and Bressoud's conjecture, II

  15. arXiv:2001.00181 (Published 2020-01-01)

    Non-Schur-positivity of chromatic symmetric functions

  16. arXiv:2001.00654 (Published 2020-01-02)

    Plethystic formulas for permutation enumeration

  17. arXiv:2001.02084 (Published 2020-01-07)

    Asymptotic counts for the walk multiples of self-avoiding polygons on lattices using sieves

  18. arXiv:2001.03152 (Published 2020-01-09)

    Don't Judge an Object by Its Context: Learning to Overcome Contextual Bias

  19. arXiv:2001.03219 (Published 2020-01-09)

    Kostant's partition function and magic multiplex juggling sequences

  20. arXiv:2001.04388 (Published 2020-01-13)

    RoutedFusion: Learning Real-time Depth Map Fusion