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  1. arXiv:1809.06967 (Published 2018-09-18)

    Linear SLAM: Linearising the SLAM Problems using Submap Joining

  2. arXiv:1809.06977 (Published 2018-09-19)

    An Orientation Factor for Object-Oriented SLAM

  3. arXiv:1809.07744 (Published 2018-09-20)

    Guaranteed Globally Optimal Planar Pose Graph and Landmark SLAM via Sparse-Bounded Sums-of-Squares Programming

  4. arXiv:1809.09036 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Combinatorial interpretations of Lucas analogues of binomial coefficients and Catalan numbers

  5. arXiv:1809.08379 (Published 2018-09-22)

    DS-SLAM: A Semantic Visual SLAM towards Dynamic Environments

  6. arXiv:1809.08809 (Published 2018-09-24)

    MobileFace: 3D Face Reconstruction with Efficient CNN Regression

  7. arXiv:1809.08999 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Fast Geometrically-Perturbed Adversarial Faces

  8. arXiv:1809.09158 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Stack-sorting for Words

  9. arXiv:1809.09149 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Real-Time Monocular Object-Model Aware Sparse SLAM

  10. arXiv:1809.09441 (Published 2018-09-25)

    Temporal Relational Ranking for Stock Prediction

  11. arXiv:1809.09646 (Published 2018-09-25)

    Efficient Constellation-Based Map-Merging for Semantic SLAM

  12. arXiv:1809.09929 (Published 2018-09-26)

    Vision-based Semantic Mapping and Localization for Autonomous Indoor Parking

  13. arXiv:1809.11069 (Published 2018-09-28)

    Face Recognition Based on Sequence of Images

  14. arXiv:1810.00457 (Published 2018-09-30)

    AgriColMap: Aerial-Ground Collaborative 3D Mapping for Precision Farming

  15. arXiv:1810.02364 (Published 2018-10-04)

    Deep Learning Approaches for Understanding Simple Speech Commands

  16. arXiv:1810.03272 (Published 2018-10-08)

    Light-Weight RefineNet for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation

  17. arXiv:1810.04377 (Published 2018-10-10)

    Learning Deep Representations for Semantic Image Parsing: a Comprehensive Overview

  18. arXiv:1810.04891 (Published 2018-10-11)

    Dense Object Reconstruction from RGBD Images with Embedded Deep Shape Representations

  19. arXiv:1810.06052 (Published 2018-10-14)

    $q$-Stirling numbers arising from vincular patterns

  20. arXiv:1810.06543 (Published 2018-10-15)

    Visual Semantic Navigation using Scene Priors