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  1. arXiv:1705.03419 (Published 2017-05-09)

    Learning Deep Networks from Noisy Labels with Dropout Regularization

  2. arXiv:1705.02012 (Published 2017-05-04)

    Machine Comprehension by Text-to-Text Neural Question Generation

  3. arXiv:1705.02894 (Published 2017-05-08)

    Geometric GAN

  4. arXiv:1705.00321 (Published 2017-04-30)

    Generative Neural Machine for Tree Structures

  5. arXiv:1705.00597 (Published 2017-05-01)

    Towards well-specified semi-supervised model-based classifiers via structural adaptation

  6. arXiv:1705.00607 (Published 2017-05-01)

    Stochastic Learning on Imbalanced Data: Determinantal Point Processes for Mini-batch Diversification

  7. arXiv:1705.00219 (Published 2017-04-29)

    Learning with Changing Features

  8. arXiv:1705.00132 (Published 2017-04-29)

    Online Learning with Expert Automata

  9. arXiv:1705.00861 (Published 2017-05-02)

    Deep Neural Machine Translation with Linear Associative Unit

  10. arXiv:1705.00840 (Published 2017-05-02)

    Pointed subspace approach to incomplete data

  11. arXiv:1705.00740 (Published 2017-05-01)

    Regularizing Model Complexity and Label Structure for Multi-Label Text Classification

  12. arXiv:1705.01523 (Published 2017-05-03)

    A Separability-Entanglement Classifier via Machine Learning

  13. arXiv:1705.01320 (Published 2017-05-03)

    Formal Verification of Piece-Wise Linear Feed-Forward Neural Networks

  14. arXiv:1705.01346 (Published 2017-05-03)

    Going Wider: Recurrent Neural Network With Parallel Cells

  15. arXiv:1705.01626 (Published 2017-05-03)

    Compressing DMA Engine: Leveraging Activation Sparsity for Training Deep Neural Networks

  16. arXiv:1705.01759 (Published 2017-05-04)

    Deep 360 Pilot: Learning a Deep Agent for Piloting through 360° Sports Video

  17. arXiv:1705.01861 (Published 2017-05-04)

    Action Tubelet Detector for Spatio-Temporal Action Localization

  18. arXiv:1705.01781 (Published 2017-05-04)

    Am I Done? Predicting Action Progress in Videos

  19. arXiv:1705.01936 (Published 2017-05-04)

    Learning with Confident Examples: Rank Pruning for Robust Classification with Noisy Labels

  20. arXiv:1705.02329 (Published 2017-05-05)

    Quantum error correction with only two extra qubits