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  1. arXiv:1708.09093 (Published 2017-08-30)

    Memories of a Theoretical Physicist

  2. arXiv:1708.07905 (Published 2017-08-25)

    Weight multiplicity formulas for bivariate representations of classical Lie algebras

  3. arXiv:1708.09109 (Published 2017-08-30)

    Hook length property of $d$-complete posets via $q$-integrals

  4. arXiv:1708.09077 (Published 2017-08-30)

    Parking cars of different sizes

  5. arXiv:1708.09720 (Published 2017-08-31)

    Greene--Kleitman invariants for Sulzgruber insertion

  6. arXiv:1709.00079 (Published 2017-08-31)

    Simultaneous core multipartitions

  7. arXiv:1709.01886 (Published 2017-09-06)

    Distribution law of the Dirac eigenmodes in QCD

  8. arXiv:1709.02572 (Published 2017-09-08)

    A Conjectural Algorithm for Simple Characters of Algebraic Groups

  9. arXiv:1709.02755 (Published 2017-09-08)

    Training RNNs as Fast as CNNs

  10. arXiv:1709.02840 (Published 2017-09-08)

    A Brief Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineers

  11. arXiv:1709.07268 (Published 2017-09-21)

    On Composite Quantum Hypothesis Testing

  12. arXiv:1708.07507 (Published 2017-08-24)

    Coherent curvature radiation and Fast Radio Bursts

  13. arXiv:1708.07431 (Published 2017-08-24)

    SMA Observations of the Hot Molecular Core IRAS 18566+0408

  14. arXiv:1708.07377 (Published 2017-08-24)

    ${\tt AutoLens}$: Automated Modeling of a Strong Lens's Light, Mass and Source

  15. arXiv:1708.07488 (Published 2017-08-24)

    Off-axis short GRBs from structured jets as counterparts to GW events

  16. arXiv:1708.07371 (Published 2017-08-24)

    The MeerKAT Absorption Line Survey (MALS)

  17. arXiv:1708.07462 (Published 2017-08-24)

    Beyond the Kepler/K2 bright limit: variability in the seven brightest members of the Pleiades

  18. arXiv:1708.07484 (Published 2017-08-24)

    Sun/Moon photometer for the Cherenkov Telescope Array - first results

  19. arXiv:1708.07433 (Published 2017-08-24)

    The Impact of the Temporal Distribution of Communicating Civilizations on their Detectability

  20. arXiv:1708.07489 (Published 2017-08-24)

    Post-main-sequence evolution of icy minor planets. III. water retention in dwarf planets and exo-moons and implications for white dwarf pollution