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  1. arXiv:1703.00203 (Published 2017-03-01)

    Frequency patterns of semantic change: Corpus-based evidence of a near-critical dynamics in language change

  2. arXiv:1703.00168 (Published 2017-03-01)

    Modular Representation of Layered Neural Networks

  3. arXiv:1703.00640 (Published 2017-03-02)

    Faster truncated integer multiplication

  4. arXiv:1703.00893 (Published 2017-03-02)

    Being Robust (in High Dimensions) Can Be Practical

  5. arXiv:1702.08368 (Published 2017-02-27)

    The Local Limit of Random Sorting Networks

  6. arXiv:1702.08165 (Published 2017-02-27)

    Reinforcement Learning with Deep Energy-Based Policies

  7. arXiv:1702.08392 (Published 2017-02-27)

    Combining the $k$-CNF and XOR Phase-Transitions

  8. arXiv:1702.08674 (Published 2017-02-28)

    Identifying the presence of the critical end point in QCD phase diagram by higher order susceptibilities

  9. arXiv:1703.00187 (Published 2017-03-01)

    The Gravitational Wave Physics

  10. arXiv:1703.00004 (Published 2017-02-28)

    Some congruences modulo 5 and 25 for overpartition

  11. arXiv:1703.00405 (Published 2017-03-01)

    Stability and performance analysis of linear positive systems with delays using input-output methods

  12. arXiv:1703.00377 (Published 2017-03-01)

    Gradient Boosting on Stochastic Data Streams

  13. arXiv:1703.00247 (Published 2017-03-01)

    Learning A Physical Long-term Predictor

  14. arXiv:1703.00132 (Published 2017-03-01)

    Revisiting Unsupervised Learning for Defect Prediction

  15. arXiv:1703.00198 (Published 2017-03-01)

    Test Case Generation for Program Repair: A Study of Feasibility and Effectiveness

  16. arXiv:1703.00356 (Published 2017-03-01)

    Graph-based Isometry Invariant Representation Learning

  17. arXiv:1703.00441 (Published 2017-03-01)

    Learning to Optimize Neural Nets

  18. arXiv:1703.00096 (Published 2017-03-01)

    Gram-CTC: Automatic Unit Selection and Target Decomposition for Sequence Labelling

  19. arXiv:1703.00133 (Published 2017-03-01)

    Easy over Hard: A Case Study on Deep Learning

  20. arXiv:1703.00381 (Published 2017-03-01)

    The Statistical Recurrent Unit