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  1. arXiv:2008.10573 (Published 2020-08-24)

    Unpolarized and helicity generalized parton distributions of the proton within lattice QCD

  2. arXiv:2008.10531 (Published 2020-08-24)

    Improved readout of qubit-coupled Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill states

  3. arXiv:2008.10490 (Published 2020-08-24)

    The model theory of the curve graph

  4. arXiv:2008.11570 (Published 2020-08-26)

    Optimality of Independently Randomized Symmetric Policies for Exchangeable Stochastic Teams with Infinitely Many Decision Makers

  5. arXiv:2008.11633 (Published 2020-08-26)

    Multistage Robust Mixed-Integer Optimization Under Endogenous Uncertainty

  6. arXiv:2008.12231 (Published 2020-08-27)

    Searching for Dark Matter with a Superconducting Qubit

  7. arXiv:2008.12389 (Published 2020-08-27)

    PDFs and Neutrino-Nucleon Scattering from Hadronic Tensor

  8. arXiv:2008.12305 (Published 2020-08-27)

    Parton distribution functions

  9. arXiv:2008.12978 (Published 2020-08-29)

    On the W&Y interpretation of high-energy Drell-Yan measurements

  10. arXiv:2008.13636 (Published 2020-08-31)

    HL-LHC Computing Review: Common Tools and Community Software

  11. arXiv:2009.00014 (Published 2020-08-31)

    The Strangest Proton?

  12. arXiv:2009.00608 (Published 2020-09-01)

    Probing new physics with the kaon decays $K\toππ\!\not\!\!E$

  13. arXiv:2009.00350 (Published 2020-09-01)

    Nucleon momentum distribution extracted from the experimental scaling function

  14. arXiv:2009.00781 (Published 2020-09-02)

    Laser-annealing Josephson junctions for yielding scaled-up superconducting quantum processors

  15. arXiv:2009.01291 (Published 2020-09-02)

    Proton spin after 30 years: what we know and what we don't?

  16. arXiv:2009.01982 (Published 2020-09-04)

    Virtualized Logical Qubits: A 2.5D Architecture for Error-Corrected Quantum Computing

  17. arXiv:2009.02723 (Published 2020-09-06)

    Precision calculations of the double radiative bottom-meson decays in soft-collinear effective theory

  18. arXiv:2009.03148 (Published 2020-09-07)

    On the extraction of the valence transversity distributions from SIDIS data

  19. arXiv:2009.02872 (Published 2020-09-07)

    The PQCD approach towards to next-to-leading order: a short review

  20. arXiv:2009.02674 (Published 2020-09-06)

    Pion production and absorption in heavy-ion collisions