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  1. arXiv:1805.09778 (Published 2018-05-24)

    Enumeration of border-strip decompositions

  2. arXiv:1805.09545 (Published 2018-05-24)

    On the Global Convergence of Gradient Descent for Over-parameterized Models using Optimal Transport

  3. arXiv:1805.10205 (Published 2018-05-25)

    Multimodal Sentiment Analysis To Explore the Structure of Emotions

  4. arXiv:1805.11923 (Published 2018-05-30)

    Square-free Groebner degenerations

  5. arXiv:1806.00370 (Published 2018-06-01)

    Nonlinear Acceleration of CNNs

  6. arXiv:1806.01261 (Published 2018-06-04)

    Relational inductive biases, deep learning, and graph networks

  7. arXiv:1805.08985 (Published 2018-05-23)

    GLACiAR, an open-source python tool for simulations of source recovery and completeness in galaxy surveys

  8. arXiv:1805.09171 (Published 2018-05-23)

    Radar-based Re-Entry Predictions with very limited tracking capabilities: the GOCE case study

  9. arXiv:1805.09021 (Published 2018-05-23)

    The rotational shear layer inside the early red-giant star KIC 4448777

  10. arXiv:1805.09285 (Published 2018-05-23)

    Primordial N2 provides a cosmochemical explanation for the existence of Sputnik Planitia, Pluto

  11. arXiv:1805.09034 (Published 2018-05-23)

    Black Holes' Dark Dress: On the merger rate of a subdominant population of primordial black holes

  12. arXiv:1805.09069 (Published 2018-05-23)

    Curved detectors for wide field imaging systems: impact on tolerance analysis

  13. arXiv:1805.09029 (Published 2018-05-23)

    Ultraviolet and optical view of galaxies in the Coma Supercluster

  14. arXiv:1805.08951 (Published 2018-05-23)

    The Ultraviolet Extinction in the $GALEX$ Bands

  15. arXiv:1805.09067 (Published 2018-05-23)

    POLLUX: a UV spectropolarimeter for the LUVOIR space telescope project

  16. arXiv:1805.09022 (Published 2018-05-23)

    Fallback accretion on to a newborn magnetar: long GRBs with giant X-ray flares

  17. arXiv:1805.08963 (Published 2018-05-23)

    Rings in the Solar System: a short review

  18. arXiv:1805.09006 (Published 2018-05-23)

    Bubbles in Titan's seas: nucleation, growth and RADAR signature

  19. arXiv:1805.09278 (Published 2018-05-23)

    Electron Power-Law Spectra in Solar and Space Plasmas

  20. arXiv:1805.09058 (Published 2018-05-23)

    Dynamical generalizations of the Drake equation: the linear and non-linear theories