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  1. arXiv:2006.02019 (Published 2020-06-03)

    Topological Nodal Line Electrides: Realization of Ideal Nodal Line State Nearly Immune from Spin-Orbit Coupling

  2. arXiv:2006.02437 (Published 2020-06-03)

    Transverse-Energy-Energy Correlations in Deep Inelastic Scattering

  3. arXiv:2006.03033 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Polarized electron-deuteron deep-inelastic scattering with spectator nucleon tagging

  4. arXiv:2006.03875 (Published 2020-06-06)

    Coresets via Bilevel Optimization for Continual Learning and Streaming

  5. arXiv:2006.04881 (Published 2020-06-08)

    Discovery of a quantum limit Chern magnet TbMn6Sn6

  6. arXiv:2006.12502 (Published 2020-06-22)

    Six-fold Excitations in Electrides

  7. arXiv:2007.00223 (Published 2020-07-01)

    Observation of the Topologically Originated Edge States in large-gap Quasi-One-Dimensional a-Bi$_4$Br$_4$

  8. arXiv:2007.00519 (Published 2020-07-01)

    Fermion-boson many-body interplay in a frustrated kagome paramagnet

  9. arXiv:2007.00264 (Published 2020-07-01)

    Ultralong carrier lifetime of topological edge states in a-Bi4Br4

  10. arXiv:2007.00575 (Published 2020-07-01)

    $\mathbb{Z}_2$-projective translational symmetry protected topological phases

  11. arXiv:2007.00633 (Published 2020-07-01)

    Magnetic phase transitions and spin density distribution in the molecular multiferroic GaV$_4$S$_8$ system

  12. arXiv:2006.01697 (Published 2020-06-02)

    The Last Journey. I. An Extreme-Scale Simulation on the Mira Supercomputer

  13. arXiv:2006.01735 (Published 2020-06-02)

    A Catalog of Holes and Shells in the Interstellar Medium of the LITTLE THINGS Dwarf Galaxies

  14. arXiv:2006.01814 (Published 2020-06-02)

    Influence of the Galactic gravitational field on the positional accuracy of extragalactic sources. II Observational appearances and detectability

  15. arXiv:2006.01700 (Published 2020-06-02)

    Radio morphology of southern narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies with the JVLA observations

  16. arXiv:2006.01552 (Published 2020-06-02)

    Periodically-repeating fast radio bursts: Lense-Thirring precession of a debris disk?

  17. arXiv:2006.01788 (Published 2020-06-02)

    A Mechanism of Spark Motion in Inner Acceleration Region to Investigate Subpulse Drifting in Pulsars

  18. arXiv:2006.01827 (Published 2020-06-02)

    Hydrodynamic Simulations of Classical Novae; CO and ONe White Dwarfs are Supernova Ia Progenitors

  19. arXiv:2006.01591 (Published 2020-06-02)

    Radius Study of Ten Transiting Hot Jupiter Exoplanets with Ground-Based Observations

  20. arXiv:2006.01721 (Published 2020-06-02)

    A search for young exoplanets in Sectors 1-5 of the TESS Full-Frame-Images