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  1. arXiv:1905.10590 (Published 2019-05-25)

    A lower bound for the partition function from Chebyshev's inequality applied to a coin flipping model for the random partition

  2. arXiv:1905.10942 (Published 2019-05-27)

    Noncommutative LR coefficients and crystal reflection operators

  3. arXiv:1905.10973 (Published 2019-05-27)

    Generalized $q,t$-Catalan numbers

  4. arXiv:1905.10595 (Published 2019-05-25)

    Unsupervised Single Image Underwater Depth Estimation

  5. arXiv:1905.10784 (Published 2019-05-26)

    What is the relationship between face alignment and facial expression recognition?

  6. arXiv:1905.10884 (Published 2019-05-26)

    Bayesian Learning of Sum-Product Networks

  7. arXiv:1905.11058 (Published 2019-05-27)

    LAW: Learning to Auto Weight

  8. arXiv:1905.10994 (Published 2019-05-27)

    ODE$^2$VAE: Deep generative second order ODEs with Bayesian neural networks

  9. arXiv:1905.11192 (Published 2019-05-27)

    The Chan-Vese Model with Elastica and Landmark Constraints for Image Segmentation

  10. arXiv:1905.11911 (Published 2019-05-28)

    Controlling Neural Level Sets

  11. arXiv:1905.11926 (Published 2019-05-28)

    Network Deconvolution

  12. arXiv:1905.12385 (Published 2019-05-29)

    The spiked matrix model with generative priors

  13. arXiv:1905.12082 (Published 2019-05-28)

    Memory Integrity of CNNs for Cross-Dataset Facial Expression Recognition

  14. arXiv:1905.12512 (Published 2019-05-29)

    Smooth Shells: Multi-Scale Shape Registration with Functional Maps

  15. arXiv:1905.12731 (Published 2019-05-29)

    Protecting quantum entanglement from qubit errors and leakage via repetitive parity measurements

  16. arXiv:1905.12964 (Published 2019-05-30)

    A bialternant formula for odd symplectic characters and its application

  17. arXiv:1905.12665 (Published 2019-05-29)

    Graph Learning Network: A Structure Learning Algorithm

  18. arXiv:1905.12723 (Published 2019-05-29)

    Extending Monocular Visual Odometry to Stereo Camera System by Scale Optimization

  19. arXiv:1905.12660 (Published 2019-05-29)

    Training Generative Adversarial Networks from Incomplete Observations using Factorised Discriminators

  20. arXiv:1905.12681 (Published 2019-05-29)

    What Makes Training Multi-Modal Networks Hard?