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  1. arXiv:1901.05661 (Published 2019-01-17)

    A Purely Algebraic Summation Method

  2. arXiv:1901.05663 (Published 2019-01-17)

    On Hardy's inequality for Hermite expansions

  3. arXiv:1901.05602 (Published 2019-01-17)

    Learning Generalizable and Identity-Discriminative Representations for Face Anti-Spoofing

  4. arXiv:1901.05635 (Published 2019-01-17)

    Enhance the Motion Cues for Face Anti-Spoofing using CNN-LSTM Architecture

  5. arXiv:1901.05633 (Published 2019-01-17)

    Deep Transfer Across Domains for Face Anti-spoofing

  6. arXiv:1901.06070 (Published 2019-01-18)

    Discrete Analogues in Harmonic Analysis: Directional Maximal Functions in $\mathbb{Z}^2$

  7. arXiv:1901.06429 (Published 2019-01-18)

    On Sets Containing an Affine Copy of Bounded Decreasing Sequences

  8. arXiv:1901.07011 (Published 2019-01-21)

    A Note on the Riemann $ξ$-Function

  9. arXiv:1901.07237 (Published 2019-01-22)

    Boundedness of bilinear pseudo-differential operators of $S_{0,0}$-type on $L^2 \times L^2$

  10. arXiv:1901.07223 (Published 2019-01-22)

    DF-SLAM: A Deep-Learning Enhanced Visual SLAM System based on Deep Local Features

  11. arXiv:1901.07831 (Published 2019-01-23)

    Loop-erased walks and random matrices

  12. arXiv:1901.07917 (Published 2019-01-22)

    The equivalence principle for almost periodic functions

  13. arXiv:1901.07875 (Published 2019-01-23)

    Overlapping iterated function systems from the perspective of Metric Number Theory

  14. arXiv:1901.08261 (Published 2019-01-24)

    Perturbation of elliptic operators in 1-sided NTA domains satisfying the capacity density condition

  15. arXiv:1901.08156 (Published 2019-01-23)

    Which quartic polynomials have a hyperbolic antiderivative?

  16. arXiv:1901.08506 (Published 2019-01-24)

    Most principal permutation classes have nonrational generating functions

  17. arXiv:1901.08734 (Published 2019-01-25)

    Fuglede's conjecture fails in $\mathbb{Z}_{p}^{4}$ for odd primes

  18. arXiv:1901.09117 (Published 2019-01-25)

    Basis properties of the Haar system in limiting Besov spaces

  19. arXiv:1901.09855 (Published 2019-01-28)

    Generalized Minors and Tensor Invariants

  20. arXiv:1901.09876 (Published 2019-01-28)

    Nonnegative $C^2(\mathbb{R}^2)$ interpolation