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  1. arXiv:1907.09109 (Published 2019-07-22)

    Efficient Novelty-Driven Neural Architecture Search

  2. arXiv:1907.09828 (Published 2019-07-23)

    From Active Contours to Minimal Geodesic Paths: New Solutions to Active Contours Problems by Eikonal Equations

  3. arXiv:1907.09896 (Published 2019-07-23)

    Eye-based Continuous Affect Prediction

  4. arXiv:1907.09905 (Published 2019-07-23)

    U4D: Unsupervised 4D Dynamic Scene Understanding

  5. arXiv:1907.10123 (Published 2019-07-23)

    Trees, Parking Functions and Factorizations of Full Cycles

  6. arXiv:1907.10202 (Published 2019-07-24)

    Pose-variant 3D Facial Attribute Generation

  7. arXiv:1907.10599 (Published 2019-07-24)

    A Fine-Grained Spectral Perspective on Neural Networks

  8. arXiv:1907.10303 (Published 2019-07-24)

    Segmenting Objects in Day and Night:Edge-Conditioned CNN for Thermal Image Semantic Segmentation

  9. arXiv:1907.10087 (Published 2019-07-23)

    Dynamic Facial Expression Generation on Hilbert Hypersphere with Conditional Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Nets

  10. arXiv:1907.10477 (Published 2019-07-24)

    On the relationship between variational inference and adaptive importance sampling

  11. arXiv:1907.10725 (Published 2019-07-24)

    Some relatives of the Catalan sequence

  12. arXiv:1907.11111 (Published 2019-07-25)

    MultiDepth: Single-Image Depth Estimation via Multi-Task Regression and Classification

  13. arXiv:1907.11415 (Published 2019-07-26)

    Crystal structures for canonical Grothendieck functions

  14. arXiv:1907.11457 (Published 2019-07-26)

    Two-hidden-layer Feedforward Neural Networks are Universal Approximators: A Constructive Approach

  15. arXiv:1907.11643 (Published 2019-07-26)

    Training products of expert capsules with mixing by dynamic routing

  16. arXiv:1907.11639 (Published 2019-07-26)

    Training capsules as a routing-weighted product of expert neurons

  17. arXiv:1907.12131 (Published 2019-07-28)

    The Kerr-Cat Qubit: Stabilization, Readout, and Gates

  18. arXiv:1907.12327 (Published 2019-07-29)

    Error-corrected gates on an encoded qubit

  19. arXiv:1907.12411 (Published 2019-07-29)

    Consensus Feature Network for Scene Parsing

  20. arXiv:1907.12710 (Published 2019-07-30)

    Depth of an initial ideal