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  1. arXiv:1904.00377 (Published 2019-03-31)

    A Theoretical Analysis of Deep Neural Networks and Parametric PDEs

  2. arXiv:1904.00738 (Published 2019-04-01)

    Semantic Nearest Neighbor Fields Monocular Edge Visual-Odometry

  3. arXiv:1904.00551 (Published 2019-04-01)

    Weakly Supervised Object Detection with Segmentation Collaboration

  4. arXiv:1904.01376 (Published 2019-04-02)

    Easy Transfer Learning By Exploiting Intra-domain Structures

  5. arXiv:1904.07200 (Published 2019-04-15)

    A Discussion on Solving Partial Differential Equations using Neural Networks

  6. arXiv:1903.07772 (Published 2019-03-18)

    Bijections between t-Core Partitions and t-Tuples

  7. arXiv:1903.08338 (Published 2019-03-20)

    A directed graph structure of alternating sign matrices

  8. arXiv:1903.09138 (Published 2019-03-21)

    Counting 3-Stack-Sortable Permutations

  9. arXiv:1903.08674 (Published 2019-03-20)

    Performance Measurement for Deep Bayesian Neural Network

  10. arXiv:1903.10412 (Published 2019-03-25)

    ShopSign: a Diverse Scene Text Dataset of Chinese Shop Signs in Street Views

  11. arXiv:1903.10481 (Published 2019-03-25)

    DeepCenterline: a Multi-task Fully Convolutional Network for Centerline Extraction

  12. arXiv:1903.10782 (Published 2019-03-26)

    High-quality Instance-aware Semantic 3D Map Using RGB-D Camera

  13. arXiv:1903.11552 (Published 2019-03-27)

    GAN-based Pose-aware Regulation for Video-based Person Re-identification

  14. arXiv:1903.11286 (Published 2019-03-27)

    Deformable kernel networks for guided depth map upsampling

  15. arXiv:1903.12108 (Published 2019-03-28)

    Pak-Stanley labeling of the $m$-Catalan hyperplane arrangement

  16. arXiv:1903.11816 (Published 2019-03-28)

    FastFCN: Rethinking Dilated Convolution in the Backbone for Semantic Segmentation

  17. arXiv:1903.12174 (Published 2019-03-28)

    TensorMask: A Foundation for Dense Object Segmentation

  18. arXiv:1903.12161 (Published 2019-03-28)

    Fast video object segmentation with Spatio-Temporal GANs

  19. arXiv:1903.12061 (Published 2019-03-28)

    Depth from a polarisation + RGB stereo pair

  20. arXiv:1903.12117 (Published 2019-03-28)

    Many Task Learning with Task Routing