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  1. arXiv:2001.09216 (Published 2020-01-24)

    High coherence superconducting microwave cavities with indium bump bonding

  2. arXiv:2001.08822 (Published 2020-01-23)

    Counting linear extensions of posets with determinants of hook lengths

  3. arXiv:2001.09190 (Published 2020-01-24)

    Impact of ionizing radiation on superconducting qubit coherence

  4. arXiv:2001.10456 (Published 2020-01-28)

    A Cancellation Nanoflare Model for Solar Chromospheric and Coronal Heating III. 3D Simulations and Atmospheric Response

  5. arXiv:2001.11599 (Published 2020-01-30)

    Calculation and Properties of Zonal Polynomials

  6. arXiv:2002.00789 (Published 2020-02-03)

    Diagonals of rational functions: from differential algebra to effective algebraic geometry (unabridged version)

  7. arXiv:2002.01402 (Published 2020-02-04)

    Universal Gate Set for Continuous-Variable Quantum Computation with Microwave Circuits

  8. arXiv:2002.01232 (Published 2020-02-04)

    Experimental adaptive Bayesian estimation of multiple phases with limited data

  9. arXiv:2002.01471 (Published 2020-02-04)

    Rigorous measurement error correction

  10. arXiv:2002.00985 (Published 2020-02-03)

    Descents on quasi-Stirling permutations

  11. arXiv:2002.01669 (Published 2020-02-05)

    Steering information in quantum network

  12. arXiv:2002.01905 (Published 2020-02-05)

    Implementation of Quantum Walks on IBM Quantum Computers

  13. arXiv:2002.01635 (Published 2020-02-05)

    Breaking the trade-off between fast control and long lifetime of a superconducting qubit

  14. arXiv:2002.02248 (Published 2020-02-06)

    Information Geometric Perspective on Off-Resonance Effects in Driven Two-Level Quantum Systems

  15. arXiv:2002.02139 (Published 2020-02-06)

    TRK Sum Rule for Interacting Photons

  16. arXiv:2002.02245 (Published 2020-02-06)

    Probing surface charge densities on optical fibers with a trapped ion

  17. arXiv:2002.02410 (Published 2020-02-05)

    Generalized Schröder paths and Young tableaux with skew shapes

  18. arXiv:2002.02709 (Published 2020-02-07)

    FourierNet: Compact mask representation for instance segmentation using differentiable shape decoders

  19. arXiv:2002.02515 (Published 2020-02-06)

    Duality of Width and Depth of Neural Networks

  20. arXiv:2002.02798 (Published 2020-02-07)

    How to train your neural ODE