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  1. arXiv:1801.07509 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Dust-vortex instability in the regime of well-coupled grains

  2. arXiv:1801.07688 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Stringent constraints on fundamental constant evolution using conjugate 18 cm satellite OH lines

  3. arXiv:1801.07677 (Published 2018-01-23)

    High energy leptonic originated neutrinos from astrophysical objects

  4. arXiv:1801.07662 (Published 2018-01-23)

    The Effect of Combined Magnetic Geometries on Thermally Driven Winds II: Dipolar, Quadrupolar and Octupolar Topologies

  5. arXiv:1801.07515 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Observations of upward propagating waves in the transition region and corona above Sunspots

  6. arXiv:1801.07708 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Frequencies of flare occurrence: Interaction Between convection and coronal loops

  7. arXiv:1801.07517 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Persistent X-ray emission from ASASSN-15lh: pre-SLSN dense wind?

  8. arXiv:1801.07445 (Published 2018-01-23)

    The Hubble Space Telescope UV Legacy Survey of Galactic Globular Clusters. XIII. ACS/WFC Parallel-Field Catalogues

  9. arXiv:1801.07476 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Precision determination of corotation radii in galaxy disks: Tremaine-Weinberg v. Font-Beckman for NGC 3433

  10. arXiv:1801.07496 (Published 2018-01-23)

    The EUCLID VIS read-out shutter unit: a low disturbance mechanism at cryogenic temperature

  11. arXiv:1801.07615 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Fast Point Spread Function Modeling with Deep Learning

  12. arXiv:1801.07442 (Published 2018-01-23)

    A Continuous 100-mK Helium-Light Cooling System for MUSCAT on the LMT

  13. arXiv:1801.07539 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Deuterium and $^{15}$N fractionation in N$_2$H$^+$ during the formation of a Sun-like star

  14. arXiv:1801.07498 (Published 2018-01-23)

    GRS 1758-258: the first winged microquasar

  15. arXiv:1801.07545 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Fine Structures of Solar Radio Type III Bursts and their Possible Relationship with Coronal Density Turbulence

  16. arXiv:1801.07685 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Early growth of high redshift black holes

  17. arXiv:1801.07707 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Pebble dynamics and accretion onto rocky planets. I. Adiabatic and convective models

  18. arXiv:1801.07494 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Towards an automatic wind speed and direction profiler for Wide Field AO systems

  19. arXiv:1801.07473 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Drag-Based Ensemble Model (DBEM) for Coronal Mass Ejection Propagation

  20. arXiv:1801.07457 (Published 2018-01-23)

    Multi-Spacecraft Observations of the Rotation and Non-Radial Motion of a CME Flux Rope causing an intense geomagnetic storm