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  1. arXiv:1811.09178 (Published 2018-11-22)

    Object-oriented Targets for Visual Navigation using Rich Semantic Representations

  2. arXiv:1811.10290 (Published 2018-11-26)

    A bijection between self-conjugate and ordinary partitions and counting simultaneous cores as its application

  3. arXiv:1811.10503 (Published 2018-11-26)

    On restricted permutations of $\{1,\ldots,n\}$

  4. arXiv:1811.10020 (Published 2018-11-25)

    Background Subtraction with Real-time Semantic Segmentation

  5. arXiv:1811.09895 (Published 2018-11-24)

    Benchmarking and Comparing Popular Visual SLAM Algorithms

  6. arXiv:1811.11431 (Published 2018-11-28)

    ESPNetv2: A Light-weight, Power Efficient, and General Purpose Convolutional Neural Network

  7. arXiv:1811.11946 (Published 2018-11-29)

    Visual SLAM with Network Uncertainty Informed Feature Selection

  8. arXiv:1812.00608 (Published 2018-12-03)

    Macdonald trees and determinants of representations for finite Coxeter groups

  9. arXiv:1812.00312 (Published 2018-12-02)

    ECO: Egocentric Cognitive Mapping

  10. arXiv:1812.01682 (Published 2018-12-04)

    On pattern-avoiding Fishburn permutations

  11. arXiv:1812.04566 (Published 2018-12-11)

    An improved diameter bound for finite simple groups of Lie type

  12. arXiv:1811.09105 (Published 2018-11-22)

    Non-linear flow modes of identified particles in Pb--Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}} = 5.02$ TeV with the ALICE detector

  13. arXiv:1811.09079 (Published 2018-11-22)

    Isochronous mass measurements of $T_z=-1$ $fp$-shell nuclei from projectile fragmentation of $^{58}$Ni

  14. arXiv:1811.09333 (Published 2018-11-23)

    Application of isochronous mass spectrometry for the study of angular momentum population in projectile fragmentation reactions

  15. arXiv:1811.08978 (Published 2018-11-22)

    An Elementary end of the Periodic Table

  16. arXiv:1811.08975 (Published 2018-11-22)

    E-by-e jet suppression, anisotropy, medium response and hard-soft tomography

  17. arXiv:1811.09360 (Published 2018-11-23)

    Extended optical model analyses of $^{11}$Be+$^{197}$Au with dynamic polarization potentials

  18. arXiv:1811.09441 (Published 2018-11-23)

    Camouflage of the Phase Transition to Quark Matter in Neutron Stars

  19. arXiv:1811.09077 (Published 2018-11-22)

    The nucleon effective mass and its isovector splitting

  20. arXiv:1811.09356 (Published 2018-11-23)

    Model Dependence of the Pion Form Factor Extracted from Pion Electro-production