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  1. arXiv:2010.15589 (Published 2020-10-29)

    How do I introduce Schrödinger equation during the quantum mechanics course?

  2. arXiv:2010.13368 (Published 2020-10-26)

    Wigner functions and quantum kinetic theory of polarized photons

  3. arXiv:2010.14415 (Published 2020-10-27)

    Measurements of $e^+e^-\rightarrow η_{\rm c}π^+ π^-π^0$, $η_{\rm c}π^+ π^-$ and $η_{\rm c}π^0γ$ at $\sqrt{s}$ from 4.18 to 4.60 GeV, and search for a $Z_{\rm c}$ state close to the $D\bar{D}$ threshold at 4.23 GeV decaying to $η_{\rm c}π$

  4. arXiv:2010.14293 (Published 2020-10-27)

    Search for squarks and gluinos in final states with jets and missing transverse momentum using 139 fb$^{-1}$ of $\sqrt{s}$ =13 TeV $pp$ collision data with the ATLAS detector

  5. arXiv:2010.14485 (Published 2020-10-27)

    Observation of a new $Ξ_b^0$ state

  6. arXiv:2010.14284 (Published 2020-10-27)

    An Analysis of Parton Distribution Functions of the Pion and the Kaon with the Maximum Entropy Input

  7. arXiv:2010.14767 (Published 2020-10-27)

    Hadron structure and spin effects in elastic hadron scattering at NICA energies

  8. arXiv:2010.15144 (Published 2020-10-28)

    The physics case for an electron muon collider

  9. arXiv:2010.15806 (Published 2020-10-29)

    Renormalization Group Improvement of the Effective Potential: an EFT Approach

  10. arXiv:2010.15430 (Published 2020-10-29)

    Total cross sections of $eγ\to e X\bar{X}$ processes with $X=μ,γ, e$ via multiloop methods

  11. arXiv:2010.15357 (Published 2020-10-29)

    An Evaluation of The Proton Structure Functions $F_{2}$ and $F_{L}$ at Small $x$

  12. arXiv:2010.15828 (Published 2020-10-29)

    Boundary Conditions in Topological AdS$_4$/CFT$_3$

  13. arXiv:2010.15130 (Published 2020-10-28)

    A transverse momentum differential global analysis of Heavy Ion Collisions

  14. arXiv:2010.15292 (Published 2020-10-29)

    Multimode photon blockade

  15. arXiv:2010.15438 (Published 2020-10-29)

    Modeling and Control of COVID-19 Epidemic through Testing Policies

  16. arXiv:2010.16382 (Published 2020-10-30)

    Seamless high-Q microwave cavities for multimode circuit QED

  17. arXiv:2011.00028 (Published 2020-10-30)

    Resource-Efficient Quantum Computing by Breaking Abstractions

  18. arXiv:2011.00472 (Published 2020-11-01)

    Optimal minimal-contact customer routing through grocery stores

  19. arXiv:2011.01079 (Published 2020-11-02)

    Establishing the first hidden-charm pentaquark with strangeness

  20. arXiv:2011.01812 (Published 2020-11-03)

    Measurement of charged particle multiplicity distributions in DIS at HERA and its implication to entanglement entropy of partons