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  1. arXiv:2405.06417 (Published 2024-05-10)

    Hadron Spectroscopy: Light, Strange Baryons

  2. arXiv:2405.07170 (Published 2024-05-12)

    Search for exotic physics at BESIII

  3. arXiv:2405.07815 (Published 2024-05-13)

    Gravitational form factors of the pion and meson dominance

  4. arXiv:2405.07712 (Published 2024-05-13)

    Valence Quark PDFs of the Proton from Two-Current Correlations in Lattice QCD

  5. arXiv:2405.08529 (Published 2024-05-14)

    Quark and gluon momentum fractions in the pion and in the kaon

  6. arXiv:2405.09432 (Published 2024-05-15)

    Analytic forms for the $e^+e^-$ annihilation cross sections around a resonance including initial state radiation

  7. arXiv:2405.09270 (Published 2024-05-15)

    How to fit PDFs in the presence of new physics?

  8. arXiv:2405.09994 (Published 2024-05-16)

    Probing neutrino-nucleus interaction in DUNE and MicroBooNE

  9. arXiv:2405.09658 (Published 2024-05-15)

    Higgs and precision physics at CMS

  10. arXiv:2405.09926 (Published 2024-05-16)

    Twenty years of $Θ^+$

  11. arXiv:2405.10785 (Published 2024-05-17)

    Overview of high-density QCD studies with the CMS experiment at the LHC

  12. arXiv:2405.10806 (Published 2024-05-17)

    Measurement of hadronic cross sections via initial state radiation at BABAR

  13. arXiv:2405.10355 (Published 2024-05-16)

    Assessing the Impact of Case Correction Methods on the Fairness of COVID-19 Predictive Models

  14. arXiv:2405.00613 (Published 2024-05-01)

    X-ray spectral properties of dust-obscured galaxies in the XMM-SERVS coverage of the XMM-LSS field

  15. arXiv:2405.05087 (Published 2024-05-08)

    Electroweak Multiplets as Dark Matter candidates: A brief review

  16. arXiv:2404.19443 (Published 2024-04-30)

    Rediscussion of eclipsing binaries. Paper XIX. The long-period solar-type system V454 Aurigae

  17. arXiv:2404.19676 (Published 2024-04-30)

    The Nature of X-Rays from Young Stellar Objects in the Orion Nebula Cluster -- A Chandra HETGS Legacy Project

  18. arXiv:2404.17448 (Published 2024-04-26)

    The Most Common Habitable Planets III -- Modeling Temperature Forcing and Surface Conditions on Rocky Exoplanets and Exomoons

  19. arXiv:2405.03749 (Published 2024-05-06)

    Dark Matter from Anomaly Cancellation at the LHC

  20. arXiv:2405.05550 (Published 2024-05-09)

    The Simons Observatory: Design, integration, and testing of the small aperture telescopes