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  1. arXiv:2104.07664 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Optimizing high redshift galaxy surveys for environmental information

    Tobias J. Looser, Simon J. Lilly, Larry P. T. Sin, Bruno M. B. Henriques, Roberto Maiolino, Michele Cirasuolo
    Comments: 29 pages, 40 figures. Accepted for publication in MNRAS
    Categories: astro-ph.CO
  2. arXiv:2104.07663 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Tourist route optimization in the context of Covid-19 pandemic

    Cristina Maria Pacurar, Ruxandra-Gabriela Albu, Victor-Dan Pacurar
  3. arXiv:2104.07662 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Auto-Tuned Sim-to-Real Transfer

    Yuqing Du, Olivia Watkins, Trevor Darrell, Pieter Abbeel, Deepak Pathak
    Comments: ICRA 2021. First two authors contributed equally. Website at
    Categories: cs.RO, cs.AI, cs.CV, cs.HC, cs.LG
  4. arXiv:2104.07661 (Published 2021-04-15)

    A Simple Baseline for StyleGAN Inversion

    Tianyi Wei et al.
  5. arXiv:2104.07660 (Published 2021-04-15)

    SCALE: Modeling Clothed Humans with a Surface Codec of Articulated Local Elements

    Qianli Ma, Shunsuke Saito, Jinlong Yang, Siyu Tang, Michael J. Black
    Comments: In CVPR 2021. Project page:
    Categories: cs.CV, cs.GR
  6. arXiv:2104.07659 (Published 2021-04-15)

    GANcraft: Unsupervised 3D Neural Rendering of Minecraft Worlds

    Zekun Hao, Arun Mallya, Serge Belongie, Ming-Yu Liu
  7. arXiv:2104.07658 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Self-supervised Video Object Segmentation by Motion Grouping

    Charig Yang, Hala Lamdouar, Erika Lu, Andrew Zisserman, Weidi Xie
  8. arXiv:2104.07473 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Zooming SlowMo: An Efficient One-Stage Framework for Space-Time Video Super-Resolution

    Xiaoyu Xiang, Yapeng Tian, Yulun Zhang, Yun Fu, Jan P. Allebach, Chenliang Xu
    Comments: Journal version of "Zooming Slow-Mo: Fast and Accurate One-Stage Space-Time Video Super-Resolution"(CVPR-2020). 14 pages, 14 figures
    Categories: cs.CV, cs.AI, cs.LG, cs.MM, eess.IV
  9. arXiv:2104.07657 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Quantum many-body states and Green functions of nonequilibrium electron-magnon systems: Localized spin operators vs. their mapping to Holstein-Primakoff bosons

    Utkarsh Bajpai, Abhin Suresh, Branislav K. Nikolic
  10. arXiv:2104.07656 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Pervasive orientational and directional locking at geometrically heterogeneous sliding interfaces

    Xin Cao, Emanuele Panizon, Andrea Vanossi, Nicola Manini, Erio Tosatti, Clemens Bechinger
    Comments: Published in Physical Review E. 17 pages and 10 figures including supplementary information
    Journal: Physical Review E 103, 012606 (2021)
  11. arXiv:2104.07655 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Gyroresonance and free-free radio emissions from multi-thermal multi-component plasma

    Gregory D. Fleishman, Alexey A. Kuznetsov, Enrico Landi
  12. arXiv:2104.07654 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Demographic-Guided Attention in Recurrent Neural Networks for Modeling Neuropathophysiological Heterogeneity

    Nicha C. Dvornek, Xiaoxiao Li, Juntang Zhuang, Pamela Ventola, James S. Duncan
  13. arXiv:2104.07653 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Entanglement detection of two-qubit Werner states

    Artur Czerwinski
  14. arXiv:2104.07652 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Geometry-Free View Synthesis: Transformers and no 3D Priors

    Robin Rombach, Patrick Esser, Björn Ommer
    Comments: Code available at
    Categories: cs.CV
  15. arXiv:2104.07651 (Published 2021-04-15)

    mlf-core: a framework for deterministic machine learning

    Lukas Heumos et al.
  16. arXiv:2104.07650 (Published 2021-04-15)

    AdaPrompt: Adaptive Prompt-based Finetuning for Relation Extraction

    Xiang Chen et al.
  17. arXiv:2104.07649 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Mild radial variations of the stellar IMF in the bulge of M31

    F. La Barbera, A. Vazdekis, I. Ferreras, A. Pasquali
    Comments: accepted for publication in MNRAS, 22 pages, 16 figures
    Categories: astro-ph.GA
  18. arXiv:2104.07648 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Attainable and usable coherence in X states over Markovian and non-Markovian channels

    Sandeep Mishra, Kishore Thapliyal, Anirban Pathak
    Comments: We have answered following question: How different Markovian and non-Markovian noise models regulate obtainable and usable coherence in $X$ states?
    Categories: quant-ph
  19. arXiv:2104.07647 (Published 2021-04-15)

    The Wishart-Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model: Exact spectral density, Q-Laguerre polynomials, and quantum chaos

    Lucas Sá, Antonio M. Garcí a-Garcí a
  20. arXiv:2104.07646 (Published 2021-04-15)

    Are Multilingual BERT models robust? A Case Study on Adversarial Attacks for Multilingual Question Answering

    Sara Rosenthal, Mihaela Bornea, Avirup Sil