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  1. arXiv:2004.02872 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Lossless Image Compression through Super-Resolution

    Sheng Cao, Chao-Yuan Wu, Philipp Krähenbühl
  2. arXiv:2004.02871 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering study of vector chiral ordered kagomé antiferromagnet

    Zijian Xiong, Trinanjan Datta, Dao-Xin Yao
  3. arXiv:2004.02870 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Responsive Parallelism with Futures and State

    Stefan K. Muller, Kyle Singer, Noah Goldstein, Umut A. Acar, Kunal Agrawal, I-Ting Angelina Lee
  4. arXiv:2004.02869 (Published 2020-04-06)

    DualSDF: Semantic Shape Manipulation using a Two-Level Representation

    Zekun Hao, Hadar Averbuch-Elor, Noah Snavely, Serge Belongie
  5. arXiv:2004.02868 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Flow heterogeneities in supercooled liquids and glasses under shear

    Mehrdad Golkia, Gaurav P. Shrivastav, Pinaki Chaudhuri, Jürgen Horbach
  6. arXiv:2004.02867 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Rethinking Spatially-Adaptive Normalization

    Zhentao Tan et al.
  7. arXiv:2004.02866 (Published 2020-04-06)

    There and Back Again: Revisiting Backpropagation Saliency Methods

    Sylvestre-Alvise Rebuffi, Ruth Fong, Xu Ji, Andrea Vedaldi
  8. arXiv:2004.02865 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Completeness of Wronskian Bethe equations for rational gl(m|n) spin chain

    Dmitry Chernyak, Sébastien Leurent, Dmytro Volin
  9. arXiv:2004.02864 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Flow of Spatiotemporal Turbulentlike Random Fields

    Jason Reneuve, Laurent Chevillard
  10. arXiv:2004.02863 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Meta-Learning for Short Utterance Speaker Recognition with Imbalance Length Pairs

    Seong Min Kye, Youngmoon Jung, Hae Beom Lee, Sung Ju Hwang, Hoirin Kim
  11. arXiv:2004.02862 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Detection of Repeating FRB 180916.J0158+65 Down to Frequencies of 300 MHz

    P. Chawla et al.
  12. arXiv:2004.02861 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Chain breaking and Kosterlitz-Thouless scaling at the many-body localization transition

    Nicolas Laflorencie, Gabriel Lemarié, Nicolas Macé
  13. arXiv:2004.02860 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Weakly-Supervised Reinforcement Learning for Controllable Behavior

    Lisa Lee, Benjamin Eysenbach, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Shixiang, Gu, Chelsea Finn
  14. arXiv:2004.02859 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Projected Development of COVID-19 in Louisiana

    Ka-Ming Tam, Nicholas Walker, Juana Moreno
  15. arXiv:2004.02858 (Published 2020-04-06)

    A note on the novel 4D Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity

    Wen-Yuan Ai
  16. arXiv:2004.02857 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Beyond the Nav-Graph: Vision-and-Language Navigation in Continuous Environments

    Jacob Krantz, Erik Wijmans, Arjun Majumdar, Dhruv Batra, Stefan Lee
  17. arXiv:2004.02856 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Holographic Entanglement of Purification near a Critical Point

    B. Amrahi, M. Ali-Akbari, M. Asadi
  18. arXiv:2004.02855 (Published 2020-04-06)

    A dissipative time crystal with or without $\mathbb Z_2$ symmetry breaking

    Cristóbal Lledó, Marzena H. Szymańska
  19. arXiv:2004.02854 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Projected Push-Sum Gradient Descent-Ascent for Convex Optimizationwith Application to Economic Dispatch Problems

    Jan Zimmermann, Tatiana Tatarenko, Volker Willert, Jürgen Adamy
  20. arXiv:2004.02853 (Published 2020-04-06)

    Optical Flow Estimation in the Deep Learning Age

    Junhwa Hur, Stefan Roth
    Comments: To appear as a book chapter in Modelling Human Motion, N. Noceti, A. Sciutti and F. Rea, Eds., Springer, 2020
    Categories: cs.CV, cs.LG