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  1. arXiv:1702.07709 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Computationally Efficient Robust Estimation of Sparse Functionals

    Simon S. Du, Sivaraman Balakrishnan, Aarti Singh
  2. arXiv:1702.07708 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Nuclear effects in leading neutron production

    B. Z. Kopeliovich, I. K. Potashnikova, Ivan Schmidt
    Comments: 6 pages, 5 figures, based on the talk presented by B.Z.K. at DIFFRACTION 2016, September 2-8, 2016, Sicily. arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1611.07365
    Categories: hep-ph, hep-ex, nucl-ex
  3. arXiv:1702.07707 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Bayes, not Naïve: Security Bounds on Website Fingerprinting Defenses

    Giovanni Cherubin
  4. arXiv:1702.07706 (Published 2017-02-24)

    The second law of thermodynamics at the microscopic scale

    Thibaut Josset
  5. arXiv:1702.07705 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Coherent diffractive photoproduction of $ρ^{0}$ mesons on gold nuclei at RHIC

    STAR Collaboration et al.
  6. arXiv:1702.07704 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Relativistic phenomenology of meson spectra with a covariant quark model in Minkowski space

    Sofia Leitão, Alfred Stadler, M. T. Peña, E. P. Biernat
  7. arXiv:1702.07703 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Bounds on the reliability of typewriter channels

    M. Dalai, Y. Polyanskiy
  8. arXiv:1702.07702 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Application of the Covariant Spectator Theory to the study of heavy and heavy-light mesons

    Sofia Leitão, Alfred Stadler, M. T. Peña, E. P. Biernat
  9. arXiv:1702.07701 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Two-sided fundamental theorem of affine geometry

    A. G. Gorinov
  10. arXiv:1702.07700 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Mean-square stability analysis of approximations of stochastic differential equations in infinite dimensions

    Annika Lang, Andreas Petersson, Andreas Thalhammer
  11. arXiv:1702.07699 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Finite-time generalization of the thermodynamic uncertainty relation

    Patrick Pietzonka, Felix Ritort, Udo Seifert
  12. arXiv:1702.07698 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Complexity and fractal dimensions for infinite sequences with positive entropy

    Carlos Gustavo Moreira, Christian Mauduit
  13. arXiv:1702.07697 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Crosscorrelation of Rudin-Shapiro-Like Polynomials

    Daniel J. Katz, Sangman Lee, Stanislav A. Trunov
  14. arXiv:1702.07696 (Published 2017-02-24)

    An Efficient Data Structure for Dynamic Two-Dimensional Reconfiguration

    Sándor P. Fekete, Jan-Marc Reinhardt, Christian Scheffer
    Comments: 11 pages, 12 figures; full version of extended abstract that appeared in ARCS 2016
    Categories: cs.DS
    Subjects: F.2.2
  15. arXiv:1702.07695 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Representations with $Sp(1)^k$-reductions and quaternion-Kähler symmetric spaces

    Claudio Gorodski, Francisco J. Gozzi
  16. arXiv:1702.07694 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Bayes-Optimal Entropy Pursuit for Active Choice-Based Preference Learning

    Stephen N. Pallone, Peter I. Frazier, Shane G. Henderson
  17. arXiv:1702.07693 (Published 2017-02-24)

    An Observer for an Occluded Reaction-Diffusion System With Spatially Varying Parameters

    Sean Kramer, Erik M. Bollt
  18. arXiv:1702.07692 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Influence of the asymmetric excited state decay on coherent population trapping: atom $\times$ quantum dot

    H. S. Borges, M. H. Oliveira, C. J. Villas-Boas
  19. arXiv:1702.07691 (Published 2017-02-24)

    An Almost Sure Invariance Principle for Several Classes of Random Dynamical Systems

    Jason Atnip
  20. arXiv:1702.07690 (Published 2017-02-24)

    Physics of SrTiO$_3$-based heterostructures and nanostructures: a review

    Yun-Yi Pai, Anthony Tylan-Tyler, Patrick Irvin, Jeremy Levy