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  1. arXiv:1809.09092 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Polarization Whorls from M87 at the Event Horizon Telescope

    Delilah Gates, Daniel Kapec, Alexandru Lupsasca, Yichen Shi, Andrew Strominger
  2. arXiv:1809.09091 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Field-induced neutral Fermi surface and QCD$_3$-Chern-Simons quantum criticalities in Kitaev materials

    Liujun Zou, Yin-Chen He
  3. arXiv:1809.09090 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Quantum spin-transfer torque induced nonclassical magnetization dynamics and electron-magnetization entanglement

    Priyanka Mondal, Marko D. Petrovic, Petr Plechac, Branislav K. Nikolic
  4. arXiv:1809.09089 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Cooper pairs or Individual electrons? Based on the quantization of magnetic flux and the scaling law of Tc of superconducting thin films

    Xiang Wu
  5. arXiv:1809.09088 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Orthogonality catastrophe in dissipative quantum many body systems

    F. Tonielli, R. Fazio, S. Diehl, J. Marino
  6. arXiv:1809.09087 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Implicit Maximum Likelihood Estimation

    Ke Li, Jitendra Malik
    Comments: 21 pages, 4 figures. In the interest of promoting discussion, we make the reviews available at
    Categories: cs.LG, cs.NE, stat.ML
  7. arXiv:1809.09086 (Published 2018-09-24)

    An Empirical Study of the I2P Anonymity Network and its Censorship Resistance

    Nguyen Phong Hoang, Panagiotis Kintis, Manos Antonakakis, Michalis Polychronakis
    Comments: 14 pages, In The 2018 Internet Measurement Conference (IMC'18)
    Categories: cs.NI
  8. arXiv:1809.09085 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Fluctuation-induced quantum Zeno effect

    Heinrich Fröml, Alessio Chiocchetta, Corinna Kollath, Sebastian Diehl
  9. arXiv:1809.09084 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Spin$^o$ structures and semilinear (s)pinor bundles

    C. I. Lazaroiu, C. S. Shahbazi
  10. arXiv:1809.09083 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Extra-twisted connected sum G_2-manifolds

    Johannes Nordström
  11. arXiv:1809.09082 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Equivariant deformation quantization and coadjoint orbit method

    Naichung Conan Leung, Shilin Yu
  12. arXiv:1809.09081 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Autonomous Deep Learning: Incremental Learning of Denoising Autoencoder for Evolving Data Streams

    Mahardhika Pratama, Andri Ashfahani, Yew Soon Ong, Savitha Ramasamy, Edwin Lughofer
    Comments: have been submitted to AAAI 2019 conference
    Categories: cs.LG, cs.AI, stat.ML
  13. arXiv:1809.09080 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Detecting Water In the atmosphere of HR 8799 c with L-band High Dispersion Spectroscopy Aided By Adaptive Optics

    Ji Wang, Dimitri Mawet Jonathan J. Fortney, Callie Hood, Caroline V. Morley, Bjorn Benneke
    Comments: 14 pages, 5 figures, 5 tables, accepted for publication on AJ
    Categories: astro-ph.EP, astro-ph.IM
  14. arXiv:1809.09079 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Smoothing of Boundary Behaviour in Stochastic Planar Evolutions

    Atul Shekhar
  15. arXiv:1809.09078 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Jointly Multiple Events Extraction via Attention-based Graph Information Aggregation

    Xiao Liu, Zhunchen Luo, Heyan Huang
  16. arXiv:1809.09077 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Incorporating Luminance, Depth and Color Information by Fusion-based Networks for Semantic Segmentation

    Shang-Wei Hung, Shao-Yuan Lo
  17. arXiv:1809.09076 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Subleading BMS charges and fake news near null infinity

    Hadi Godazgar, Mahdi Godazgar, C. N. Pope
  18. arXiv:1809.09075 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Cubic interaction vertices for massive/massless continuous-spin fields and arbitrary spin fields

    R. R. Metsaev
  19. arXiv:1809.09074 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Late time supernova neutrino signal and proto-neutron star radius

    A. Gallo Rosso, S. Abbar, F. Vissani, M. C. Volpe
    Comments: 21 pages, 11 figures, 5 tables
    Categories: hep-ph
  20. arXiv:1809.09073 (Published 2018-09-24)

    Testing Monte Carlo absolute dosimetry formalisms for a small field `D'-shaped collimator used in retinoblastoma external beam radiotherapy

    P. A. Mayorga, L. Brualla, A. Flühs, W. Sauerwein, A. M. Lallena
    Comments: 11 pages, 2 figures, 4 tables
    Journal: Biomeical Physics & Engineering Express 2 (2016) 065008