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  1. arXiv:2006.03050 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Mt. Wendelstein imaging of comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak during the 2017 perihelion arc

    Hermann Boehnhardt, Arno Riffeser, Christoph Ries, Michael Schmidt, Ulrich Hopp
    Comments: Published on 29 May 2020 in A&A, 25 pages, 12 figures, 9 tables
    Journal: A&A Volume 638, A8 (2020)
    Categories: astro-ph.EP
  2. arXiv:2006.03049 (Published 2020-06-04)

    The sign of longitudinal magnetoconductivity and the planar Hall effect in Weyl semimetals

    Girish Sharma, S. Nandy, Sumanta Tewari
  3. arXiv:2006.03048 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Asymmetric Leaky Private Information Retrieval

    Islam Samy, Mohamed A. Attia, Ravi Tandon, Loukas Lazos
  4. arXiv:2006.03047 (Published 2020-06-04)

    An efficient numerical algorithm for solving data driven feedback control problems

    Richard Archibald, Feng Bao, Jiongmin Yong, Tao Zhou
  5. arXiv:2006.02901 (Published 2020-06-04)

    A Polynomial Neural network with Controllable Precision and Human-Readable Topology II: Accelerated Approach Based on Expanded Layer

    Gang Liu, Jing Wang
    Comments: some studies attempted to explain the existing NNs using Taylor series or polynomial.It is also troublesome. How about converting Taylor series to a network?
    Categories: cs.LG, cs.CV, stat.ML
  6. arXiv:2006.03046 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Rotation Curves in z~1-2 Star-Forming Disks: Evidence for Cored Dark Matter Distributions

    R. Genzel et al.
  7. arXiv:2006.03045 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Online Versus Offline Rate in Streaming Codes for Variable-Size Messages

    Michael Rudow, K. V. Rashmi
    Comments: 16 pages, 2 figures, this is an extended version of the IEEE ISIT 2020 paper with the same title
    Categories: cs.IT, math.IT
    Subjects: 68P30
  8. arXiv:2006.03044 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Unstable Throughput: When the Difficulty Algorithm Breaks

    Sam M. Werner, Dragos I. Ilie, Iain Stewart, William J. Knottenbelt
  9. arXiv:2006.03043 (Published 2020-06-04)

    The Clockwork Standard Model

    Yoo-Jin Kang, Soonbin Kim, Hyun Min Lee
  10. arXiv:2006.03042 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Access-optimal Linear MDS Convertible Codes for All Parameters

    Francisco Maturana, V. S. Chaitanya Mukka, K. V. Rashmi
    Comments: This is an extended version of an IEEE ISIT 2020 paper with the same title
    Categories: cs.IT, cs.DC, cs.NI, math.IT
  11. arXiv:2006.03041 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Sample Complexity of Asynchronous Q-Learning: Sharper Analysis and Variance Reduction

    Gen Li, Yuting Wei, Yuejie Chi, Yuantao Gu, Yuxin Chen
  12. arXiv:2006.03039 (Published 2020-06-04)

    The SOFC-Exp Corpus and Neural Approaches to Information Extraction in the Materials Science Domain

    Annemarie Friedrich, Heike Adel, Federico Tomazic, Johannes Hingerl, Renou Benteau, Anika Maruscyk, Lukas Lange
  13. arXiv:2006.03038 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Generic scarring for minimal hypersurfaces along stable hypersurfaces

    Antoine Song, Xin Zhou
  14. arXiv:2006.03037 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Mass Renormalization in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

    T. Stroucken, J. Neuhaus, S. W. Koch
  15. arXiv:2006.03036 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Symplectic Kloosterman Sums and Poincaré Series

    Siu Hang Man
  16. arXiv:2006.03035 (Published 2020-06-04)

    On the accuracy of Y-function methods for parameters extraction of two-dimensional FETs across different technologies

    Anibal Pacheco-Sanchez, David Jiménez
  17. arXiv:2006.03034 (Published 2020-06-04)

    How the asymptomatic population is influencing the COVID-19 outbreak in India?

    Saptarshi Chatterjee, Apurba Sarkar, Mintu Karmakar, Swarnajit Chatterjee, Raja Paul
  18. arXiv:2006.03033 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Polarized electron-deuteron deep-inelastic scattering with spectator nucleon tagging

    W. Cosyn, C. Weiss
  19. arXiv:2006.03032 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Algorithms for quantum simulation at finite energies

    Sirui Lu, Mari Carmen Bañuls, J. Ignacio Cirac
  20. arXiv:2006.03031 (Published 2020-06-04)

    Nimble: Efficiently Compiling Dynamic Neural Networks for Model Inference

    Haichen Shen et al.