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  1. arXiv:2001.06000 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Characterizing spin-one Kitaev quantum spin liquids

    Ilia Khait, P. Peter Stavropoulos, Hae-Young Kee, Yong Baek Kim
    Comments: 10 pages including SM, 11 figures. Comments are welcome!
    Categories: cond-mat.str-el
  2. arXiv:2001.05999 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Radial instability of trapping polytropic spheres

    Jan Hladík, Camilo Posada, Zdeněk Stuchlík
  3. arXiv:2001.05998 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Latent-variable Private Information Retrieval

    Islam Samy, Mohamed A. Attia, Ravi Tandon, Loukas Lazos
  4. arXiv:2001.05997 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Optimal Two-Qubit Circuits for Universal Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation

    Andrew N. Glaudell, Neil J. Ross, Jacob M. Taylor
  5. arXiv:2001.05996 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Knowledge Discovery from Social Media using Big Data provided Sentiment Analysis (SoMABiT)

    Mahdi Bohlouli, Jens Dalter, Mareike Dornhöfer, Johannes Zenkert, Madjid Fathi
  6. arXiv:2001.05995 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Derived categories and birationality

    Max Lieblich, Martin Olsson
    Comments: 53 pages, comments welcome at any time!
    Categories: math.AG
  7. arXiv:2001.05994 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Adversarially Guided Self-Play for Adopting Social Conventions

    Mycal Tucker, Yilun Zhou, Julie Shah
  8. arXiv:2001.05993 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Inferring Individual Level Causal Models from Graph-based Relational Time Series

    Ryan Rossi, Somdeb Sarkhel, David Arbour, Nesreen Ahmed
  9. arXiv:2001.05992 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Provable Benefit of Orthogonal Initialization in Optimizing Deep Linear Networks

    Wei Hu, Lechao Xiao, Jeffrey Pennington
    Comments: International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) 2020
    Categories: cs.LG, cs.NE, math.OC, stat.ML
  10. arXiv:2001.05991 (Published 2020-01-16)

    "Heat Flowing from Cold to Hot without External Intervention" Demystified: Thermal-Transformer and Temperature Oscillator

    Milivoje M. Kostic
    Comments: 17 pages and 5 figures. The claims in Ref. (1), fundamentally misplaced and dramatized as miraculous, are challenged, critically analyzed and demystified here. To be re-submitted to Science Advances. Comments are welcome
    Categories: cond-mat.stat-mech
  11. arXiv:2001.05990 (Published 2020-01-16)

    A Better Bound Gives a Hundred Rounds: Enhanced Privacy Guarantees via $f$-Divergences

    Shahab Asoodeh, Jiachun Liao, Flavio P. Calmon, Oliver Kosut, Lalitha Sankar
  12. arXiv:2001.05988 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Robo-AO M Dwarf Multiplicity Survey: Catalog

    Claire Lamman et al.
    Comments: 16 pages, 9 figures. To be published in The Astronomical Journal
    Categories: astro-ph.SR, astro-ph.EP
  13. arXiv:2001.05989 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Cross-conformal e-prediction

    Vladimir Vovk
  14. arXiv:2001.05987 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Complex poles and spectral functions of Landau gauge QCD and QCD-like theories

    Yui Hayashi, Kei-Ichi Kondo
  15. arXiv:2001.05986 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Bosonic ghostbusting -- The bosonic ghost vertex algebra admits a logarithmic module category with rigid fusion

    Robert Allen, Simon Wood
  16. arXiv:2001.05985 (Published 2020-01-16)

    A System of Local/Nonlocal $p$-Laplacians: The Eigenvalue Problem and Its Asymptotic Limit as $p\to1$

    S. Buccheri, J. V. da Silva, L. H. de Miranda
  17. arXiv:2001.05984 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Berry Phase Enforced Spinor Pairing

    Yi Li
  18. arXiv:2001.05983 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Term Grouping and Travelling Salesperson for Digital Quantum Simulation

    Kaiwen Gui, Teague Tomesh, Pranav Gokhale, Yunong Shi, Frederic T. Chong, Margaret Martonosi, Martin Suchara
  19. arXiv:2001.05982 (Published 2020-01-16)

    A Common Operating Picture Framework Leveraging Data Fusion and Deep Learning

    Benjamin Ortiz et al.
  20. arXiv:2001.05981 (Published 2020-01-16)

    Evidence of standing spin-waves in a van der Waals magnetic material

    Lucky N. Kapoor, Supriya Mandal, Meghan Patankar, Soham Manni, A. Thamizhavel, Mandar M. Deshmukh