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  1. arXiv:1703.08172 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Recent Developments in Non-Fermi Liquid Theory

    Sung-Sik Lee
  2. arXiv:1703.08171 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Hardy-Sobolev-Maz'ya inequalities for higher order derivatives on half spaces

    Guozhen Lu, Qiaohua Yang
  3. arXiv:1703.08170 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Model-Independent Extraction of $|V_{cb}|$ from $\bar{B}\rightarrow D^* \ell \overlineν$

    Benjamin Grinstein, Andrew Kobach
  4. arXiv:1703.08169 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Do non-relativistic neutrinos oscillate?

    Evgeny Akhmedov
  5. arXiv:1703.08168 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Tidal deformation of a slowly rotating material body: Interior metric and Love numbers

    Philippe Landry
  6. arXiv:1703.08167 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Stochastic Primal-Dual Method on Riemannian Manifolds with Bounded Sectional Curvature

    Masoud Badiei Khuzani, Na Li
    Comments: 52 pages, 6 figures. A short version was submitted to IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) 2017
    Categories: math.OC
  7. arXiv:1703.08166 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Improved determination of the Higgs mass in the MSSM with heavy superpartners

    Emanuele Bagnaschi, Javier Pardo Vega, Pietro Slavich
  8. arXiv:1703.08165 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Weighted Bergman spaces of domains with Levi-flat boundary: geodesic segments on compact Riemann surfaces

    Masanori Adachi
  9. arXiv:1703.08164 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Minimal hypersurfaces and boundary behavior of compact manifolds with nonnegative scalar curvature

    Siyuan Lu, Pengzi Miao
  10. arXiv:1703.08163 (Published 2017-03-23)

    On the asymptotic variance of the number of real roots of random polynomial systems

    Diego Armentano, Jean-Marc Azaïs, Federico Dalmao, José R. León
  11. arXiv:1703.08162 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Effects of magnetic field on the plasma evolution in relativistic heavy-ion collisions

    Arpan Das, Shreyansh S. Dave, Saumia P. S., Ajit M. Srivastava
  12. arXiv:1703.08161 (Published 2017-03-23)

    The sinking of the El Faro: predicting real world rogue waves during Hurricane Joaquin

    Francesco Fedele, Claudio Lugni, Arun Chawla
  13. arXiv:1703.08160 (Published 2017-03-23)

    CDT and Cosmology

    L. Glaser, R. Loll
    Comments: 14 pages, invited review for a special issue of Compte Rendus Physique
    Categories: gr-qc
  14. arXiv:1703.08159 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Crossing Kernels for Boundary and Crosscap CFTs

    Matthijs Hogervorst
  15. arXiv:1703.08158 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Globally strictly convex cost functional for a 1-D inverse medium scattering problem with experimental data

    Michael V. Klibanov, Aleksandr E. Kolesov, Lam Nguyen, Anders Sullivan
  16. arXiv:1703.08157 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Generation of monocycle squeezed light in chirped quasi-phase-matched nonlinear crystals

    D. B. Horoshko, M. I. Kolobov
  17. arXiv:1703.08156 (Published 2017-03-23)

    A Semi-analytic Study of Axial Perturbations of Ultra Compact Stars

    Sebastian H. Völkel, Kostas D. Kokkotas
    Comments: Accepted for publication in CQG, 13 pages, 3 figures, 5 tables
    Categories: gr-qc
  18. arXiv:1703.08155 (Published 2017-03-23)

    Random Matrices and Holographic Tensor Models

    Chethan Krishnan, K. V. Pavan Kumar, Sambuddha Sanyal
  19. arXiv:1703.08154 (Published 2017-03-23)

    General Boundary Value Problems of the Korteweg-de Vries Equation on a Bounded Domain

    R. A. Capistrano-Filho, Shu-Ming Sun, Bing-Yu Zhang
  20. arXiv:1703.08153 (Published 2017-03-23)

    On the optimal control of non-expansive or passive systems

    Timothy H. Hughes