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  1. arXiv:1705.09284 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Revisiting Minimal Lepton Flavour Violation in the Light of Leptonic CP Violation

    D. Dinh, L. Merlo, S. T. Petcov, Vega-Alvarez
  2. arXiv:1705.09283 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Gated XNOR Networks: Deep Neural Networks with Ternary Weights and Activations under a Unified Discretization Framework

    Lei Deng, Peng Jiao, Jing Pei, Zhenzhi Wu, Guoqi Li
  3. arXiv:1705.09282 (Published 2017-05-25)

    A geometric multigrid method for isogeometric compatible discretizations of the generalized Stokes and Oseen problems

    Christopher Coley, Joseph Benzaken, John A. Evans
  4. arXiv:1705.09281 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Off-diagonal asymptotic properties of Bergman kernels associated to analytic Kähler potentials

    Hamid Hezari, Zhiqin Lu, Hang Xu
  5. arXiv:1705.09280 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Implicit Regularization in Matrix Factorization

    Suriya Gunasekar, Blake Woodworth, Srinadh Bhojanapalli, Behnam Neyshabur, Nathan Srebro
  6. arXiv:1705.09279 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Filtering Variational Objectives

    Chris J. Maddison et al.
  7. arXiv:1705.09278 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Constraining a dark matter and dark energy interaction scenario with a dynamical equation of state

    Weiqiang Yang, Narayan Banerjee, Supriya Pan
  8. arXiv:1705.09277 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Extended symmetry analysis of isothermal no-slip drift flux model

    Stanislav Opanasenko, Alexander Bihlo, Roman O. Popovych, Artur Sergyeyev
  9. arXiv:1705.09276 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Synthesizing Mapping Relationships Using Table Corpus

    Yue Wang, Yeye He
    Comments: The long version of a paper published at SIGMOD 2017
    Categories: cs.DB
  10. arXiv:1705.09275 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Who Will Share My Image? Predicting the Content Diffusion Path in Online Social Networks

    Wenjian Hu, Krishna Kumar Singh, Fanyi Xiao, Jinyoung Han, Chen-Nee Chuah, Yong Jae Lee
  11. arXiv:1705.09274 (Published 2017-05-25)

    On a Monge-Ampère operator for plurisubharmonic functions with analytic singularities

    Mats Andersson, Zbigniew Błocki, Elizabeth Wulcan
  12. arXiv:1705.09272 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Dipolar Bose gas with three-body interactions at finite temperature

    Abdelaali Boudjemaa
  13. arXiv:1705.09271 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Is Our Model for Contention Resolution Wrong?

    William C. Cooper, Maxwell Young
  14. arXiv:1705.09270 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Non-Equilibrium Steady State generated by a moving defect: the supersonic threshold

    Alvise Bastianello, Andrea De Luca
  15. arXiv:1705.09269 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Geometric Methods for Robust Data Analysis in High Dimension

    Joseph Anderson
    Comments: 180 Pages, 7 Figures, PhD thesis, Ohio State (2017)
    Categories: cs.LG
  16. arXiv:1705.09268 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Flux-dependent localisation in a disordered flat-band lattice

    Fangzhao Alex An, Eric J. Meier, Bryce Gadway
  17. arXiv:1705.09267 (Published 2017-05-25)

    The Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in the Orion nebula: The effect of radiation pressure

    Akram Yaghouti, Mohsen Nejad-Asghar, Shahram Abbassi
    Comments: Accepted for publication in MNRAS
    Categories: astro-ph.GA
  18. arXiv:1705.09266 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Analysis of single and composite structural defects in pure amorphous silicon: a first-principles study

    Yoritaka Furukawa, Yu-ichiro Matsushita
  19. arXiv:1705.09265 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Preservation of quantum coherence under Lorentz boost for narrow uncertainty wave packets

    Riddhi Chatterjee, A. S. Majumdar
  20. arXiv:1705.09264 (Published 2017-05-25)

    Cold interactions and chemical reactions of linear polyatomic anions with alkali-metal and alkaline-earth-metal atoms

    Michał Tomza