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  1. arXiv:1806.08354 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Learning Instance Segmentation by Interaction

    Deepak Pathak, Yide Shentu, Dian Chen, Pulkit Agrawal, Trevor Darrell, Sergey Levine, Jitendra Malik
    Comments: Website at
    Categories: cs.CV, cs.AI, cs.LG, cs.RO, stat.ML
  2. arXiv:1806.08353 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Landscape of Simple Superconformal Field Theories in 4d

    Kazunobu Maruyoshi, Emily Nardoni, Jaewon Song
  3. arXiv:1806.08352 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Cohomology groups of Fermat curves via ray class fields of cyclotomic fields

    Rachel Davis, Rachel Pries
  4. arXiv:1806.08351 (Published 2018-06-21)

    On the Twelve-Point Theorem for $\ell$-Reflexive Polygons

    Dimitrios I. Dais
  5. arXiv:1806.08350 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Decay rate and asymmetries of $Σ^+\to pμ^+μ^-$

    Xiao-Gang He, Jusak Tandean, German Valencia
  6. arXiv:1806.08349 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Towards a Reconceptualisation of Cyber Risk: An Empirical and Ontological Study

    Alessandro Oltramari, Alexander Kott
    Comments: This is a pre-print version of the paper published in the Journal of Information Warfare, volume 17, issue 1, Winter 2018
    Categories: cs.CR
  7. arXiv:1806.08348 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Smoothing the Bartnik boundary conditions and other results on Bartnik's quasi-local mass

    Jeffrey L. Jauregui
  8. arXiv:1806.08347 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Equations of motion of self-gravitating $N$-body systems in the first post-Minkowskian approximation

    Luc Blanchet, Athanassios S. Fokas
  9. arXiv:1806.08346 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Strange metallicity in the doped Hubbard model

    Edwin W. Huang, Ryan Sheppard, Brian Moritz, Thomas P. Devereaux
  10. arXiv:1806.08345 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Galois closures of non-commutative rings and an application to Hermitian representations

    Wei Ho, Matthew Satriano
  11. arXiv:1806.08344 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Irregular conformal blocks and connection formulae for Painlevé V functions

    O. Lisovyy, H. Nagoya, J. Roussillon
  12. arXiv:1806.08343 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Signatures of an eruptive phase before the explosion of the peculiar core-collapse SN 2013gc

    Andrea Reguitti et al.
  13. arXiv:1806.08342 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Quantizing deep convolutional networks for efficient inference: A whitepaper

    Raghuraman Krishnamoorthi
  14. arXiv:1806.08341 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Bulk scaling in wall-bounded and homogeneous vertical natural convection

    Chong Shen Ng, Andrew Ooi, Detlef Lohse, Daniel Chung
  15. arXiv:1806.08340 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Interpretable Discovery in Large Image Data Sets

    Kiri L. Wagstaff, Jake Lee
    Comments: Presented at the 2018 ICML Workshop on Human Interpretability in Machine Learning (WHI 2018), Stockholm, Sweden
    Categories: cs.LG, cs.AI, stat.ML
  16. arXiv:1806.08339 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Weak gravitational lensing with CO galaxies

    Philip Bull, Ian Harrison, Eric Huff
    Comments: Contribution to 2018, ASP Conference Series Monograph 7, "Science with a Next-Generation Very Large Array," Eric Murphy, ed., in preparation
    Categories: astro-ph.CO
  17. arXiv:1806.08338 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Can Deep Learning Relax Endomicroscopy Hardware Miniaturization Requirements?

    Saeed Izadi, Kathleen P. Moriarty, Ghassan Hamarneh
  18. arXiv:1806.08337 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Examining key features and platforms of IoT

    Rena Bakhshi, Mary Hester, Jeroen Schot
    Comments: 10 pages, 7 figures, technical report
    Categories: cs.SE
    Subjects: A.1
  19. arXiv:1806.08336 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Stability of $ψ$-Hilfer Impulsive Fractional Differential Equations

    J. Vanterler da C. Sousa, Kishor D. Kucche, E. Capelas de Oliveira
  20. arXiv:1806.08335 (Published 2018-06-21)

    Four New Generalized Fibonacci Number Summation Identities

    M. J. Kronenburg