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  1. arXiv:1804.06841 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Binary companions of evolved stars in APOGEE DR14: Orbital circularization

    Adrian M. Price-Whelan, Jeremy Goodman
    Comments: 13 pages, 6 figures; comments welcome
    Categories: astro-ph.SR
  2. arXiv:1804.06840 (Published 2018-04-18)

    The Mumford--Tate conjecture for products of abelian varieties

    Johan Commelin
  3. arXiv:1804.06839 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Demonstrating sub-3 ps temporal resolution in a superconducting nanowire single-photon detector

    B. A. Korzh et al.
  4. arXiv:1804.06838 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Curvature-dependent tension and tangential flows at the interface of motility-induced phases

    Adam Patch, Daniel Sussman, David Yllanes, M. Cristina Marchetti
  5. arXiv:1804.06837 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Transverse noncommutative geometry of foliations

    Moulay-Tahar Benameur, James L. Heitsch
  6. arXiv:1804.06836 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Delayed Blockchain Protocols

    Drew Stone
  7. arXiv:1804.06835 (Published 2018-04-18)

    On the networked architecture of genotype spaces and its critical effects on molecular evolution

    Jacobo Aguirre, Pablo Catalán, José A. Cuesta, Susanna Manrubia
  8. arXiv:1804.06834 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Instabilities in extreme magnetoconvection

    Oleg Zikanov, Yaroslav Listratov, Xuan Zhang, Valentin Sviridov
  9. arXiv:1804.06833 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Unveiling the Power of Deep Tracking

    Goutam Bhat, Joakim Johnander, Martin Danelljan, Fahad Shahbaz Khan, Michael Felsberg
  10. arXiv:1804.06832 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Generation of Anti-Stokes Fluorescence in a Strongly Coupled Organic Semiconductor Microcavity

    Kyriacos Georgiou, Rahul Jayaprakash, Alexis Askitopoulos, David M. Coles, Pavlos G. Lagoudakis, David G. Lidzey
  11. arXiv:1804.06831 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Modeling and Analysis of Leaky Deception using Signaling Games with Evidence

    Jeffrey Pawlick, Edward Colbert, Quanyan Zhu
    Comments: Submitted Feb 12, 2018 to IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security (IEEE T-IFS)
    Categories: cs.CR
  12. arXiv:1804.06405 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Heat flowing from cold to hot without external intervention by using a 'thermal inductor'

    Andreas Schilling, Olaf Bossen
  13. arXiv:1804.06830 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Tunable Berry curvature, valley and spin Hall effect in Bilayer MoS$_2$

    Andor Kormányos, Viktor Zólyomi, Vladimir I. Fal'ko, Guido Burkard
  14. arXiv:1804.06829 (Published 2018-04-18)

    HD-Index: Pushing the Scalability-Accuracy Boundary for Approximate kNN Search in High-Dimensional Spaces

    Akhil Arora, Sakshi Sinha, Piyush Kumar, Arnab Bhattacharya
  15. arXiv:1804.06828 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Displaced vertex signature of type-I seesaw

    Sudip Jana, Nobuchika Okada, Digesh Raut
  16. arXiv:1804.06827 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Provable Emergent Pattern Formation by a Swarm of Anonymous, Homogeneous, Non-Communicating, Reactive Robots with Limited Relative Sensing and no Global Knowledge or Positioning

    Mario Coppola, Jian Guo, Eberhard K. A. Gill, Guido C. H. E. de Croon
  17. arXiv:1804.06826 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Dissecting the NVIDIA Volta GPU Architecture via Microbenchmarking

    Zhe Jia, Marco Maggioni, Benjamin Staiger, Daniele P. Scarpazza
    Comments: Technical report. First Edition. April 18th, 2018. 66 pages
    Categories: cs.DC, cs.PF
  18. arXiv:1407.6293 (Published 2014-07-23, updated 2018-04-18)

    A regime of linear stability for the Einstein-scalar field system with applications to nonlinear Big Bang formation

    Igor Rodnianski, Jared Speck
    Comments: 73 pages
    Journal: Annals of Mathematics (2), 187, no. 1, (2018), 65-156
    Categories: math.AP, gr-qc
    Subjects: 35A01, 35Q76, 83C05, 83C75, 83F05, 35A20
  19. arXiv:1804.06825 (Published 2018-04-18)

    On the nature of Hawking's incompleteness for the Einstein-vacuum equations: The regime of moderately spatially anisotropic initial data

    Igor Rodnianski, Jared Speck
  20. arXiv:1804.06824 (Published 2018-04-18)

    Systematic approximation of multi-scale Feynman integrals

    Sophia Borowka, Thomas Gehrmann, Daniel Hulme