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  1. arXiv:1909.09636 (Published 2019-09-20)

    1/4 BPS AdS$_3$/CFT$_2$

    Yolanda Lozano, Niall T. Macpherson, Carlos Nunez, Anayeli Ramirez
    Comments: Six pages and four figures
    Categories: hep-th
  2. arXiv:1909.09635 (Published 2019-09-20)

    On the classification of 5d SCFTs

    Lakshya Bhardwaj
  3. arXiv:1909.09634 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Refined symmetry indicators for topological superconductors in all space groups

    Seishiro Ono, Hoi Chun Po, Haruki Watanabe
  4. arXiv:1909.09633 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Quantifying the Impact of Cognitive Biases in Question-Answering Systems

    Keith Burghardt, Tad Hogg, Kristina Lerman
    Comments: 9 pages, 5 figures
    Journal: In the Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM-18), pp. 568-571 (2018)
    Categories: cs.HC, cs.SI
  5. arXiv:1909.09632 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Photometric Redshift Calibration with Self Organising Maps

    Angus H. Wright, Hendrik Hildebrandt, Jan Luca van den Busch, Catherine Heymans
    Comments: 26 pages, 14 figures, 6 appendices, submitted to A&A
    Categories: astro-ph.CO, astro-ph.IM
  6. arXiv:1909.09631 (Published 2019-09-20)

    POD-Galerkin Model Order Reduction for Parametrized Time Dependent Linear Quadratic Optimal Control Problems in Saddle Point Formulation

    Maria Strazzullo, Francesco Ballarin, Gianluigi Rozza
  7. arXiv:1909.09630 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Manipulation Attacks in Local Differential Privacy

    Albert Cheu, Adam Smith, Jonathan Ullman
  8. arXiv:1909.09629 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Unsupervised Learning for Real-World Super-Resolution

    Andreas Lugmayr, Martin Danelljan, Radu Timofte
    Comments: To appear in the AIM 2019 workshop at ICCV. Includes supplementary material
    Categories: eess.IV, cs.CV
  9. arXiv:1909.09628 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Resolving Linear Polarization due to Emission and Extinction of Aligned Dust Grains on NGC1333 IRAS4A with JVLA and ALMA

    Chia-Lin Ko, Hauyu Baobab Liu, Shih-Ping Lai, Tao-Chung Ching, Ramprasad Rao, Josep M. Girart
  10. arXiv:1909.09627 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Twice differentiability of solutions to fully nonlinear parabolic equations near the boundary

    Karthik Adimurthi, Agnid Banerjee, Ram Baran Verma
  11. arXiv:1909.09626 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Non-Abelian Orbifolds of Lattice Vertex Operator Algebras

    Thomas Gem√ľnden, Christoph A. Keller
  12. arXiv:1909.09625 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Corrector equations in fluid mechanics: Effective viscosity of colloidal suspensions

    Mitia Duerinckx, Antoine Gloria
  13. arXiv:1909.09624 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Commuting (co)limits and $C^*$ pullbacks

    Alexandru Chirvasitu
  14. arXiv:1909.09623 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Photocatalytic water splitting in (co)doped SrTiO$_3$ from first principles calculations

    Manish Kumar, Pooja Basera, Shikha Saini, Saswata Bhattacharya
  15. arXiv:1909.09622 (Published 2019-09-20)

    On the distribution of the Eichler-Shimura map and the zeroes of period polynomials

    Asbjorn Christian Nordentoft
  16. arXiv:1909.09621 (Published 2019-09-20)

    On the Convergence of Approximate and Regularized Policy Iteration Schemes

    Elena Smirnova, Elvis Dohmatob
  17. arXiv:1909.09619 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Results from an extended Falcon all-sky survey for continuous gravitational waves

    Vladimir Dergachev, Maria Alessandra Papa
  18. arXiv:1909.09618 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Numerical simulations of NMR relaxation in chalk using local Robin boundary conditions

    M. Ogren et al.
  19. arXiv:1909.09617 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Localized solutions of the Dirac equation in free space and electromagnetic space-time crystals

    G. N. Borzdov
  20. arXiv:1909.09616 (Published 2019-09-20)

    Repositioning Bikes with Carrier Vehicles and Bike Trailers in Bike Sharing Systems

    Xinghua Zheng, Ming Tang, Hankz Hankui Zhuo, Kevin X. Wen