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  1. arXiv:2209.11759 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Modeling globular clusters in the TNG50 simulation: predictions from dwarfs to giants

    Jessica E. Doppel et al.
    Comments: 16 pages, 8 figures (main body of paper). Resubmitted to MNRAS after positive referee report. The globular cluster catalogs for the 39 most massive groups and clusters in TNG50 are available for download from the IllustrisTNG public data release at
    Categories: astro-ph.GA
  2. arXiv:2209.11758 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Probing molecular spectral functions and unconventional pairing using Raman spectroscopy

    Oriana K. Diessel, Jonas von Milczewski, Arthur Christianen, Richard Schmidt
  3. arXiv:2209.11757 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Conditional GANs for Sonar Image Filtering with Applications to Underwater Occupancy Mapping

    Tianxiang Lin, Akshay Hinduja, Mohamad Qadri, Michael Kaess
    Comments: 7 pages, 13 figures. This paper is under review
    Categories: cs.RO
  4. arXiv:2209.11756 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Bullseye focusing of cylindrical waves at a liquid-solid interface

    Ulisses J. Gutiérrez-Hernández, Hendrik Reese, Claus-Dieter Ohl, Pedro A. Quinto-Su
  5. arXiv:2209.11755 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Promptagator: Few-shot Dense Retrieval From 8 Examples

    Zhuyun Dai et al.
  6. arXiv:2209.11754 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Estimating the entanglement of random multipartite quantum states

    Khurshed Fitter, Cecilia Lancien, Ion Nechita
  7. arXiv:2209.11753 (Published 2022-09-23)

    $T\bar{T}$ deformed scattering happens within matrices

    Vasudev Shyam, Yigit Yargic
  8. arXiv:2209.11752 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Electromagnetic Response of Superconducting RF Cavities

    Hikaru Ueki, Mehdi Zarea, J. A. Sauls
  9. arXiv:2209.11751 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Spectrally Selective Thermal Emission from Graphene Decorated with Metallic Nanoparticles

    Jayden Craft, Muhammad Waqas Shabbir, Dirk R. Englund, Richard M. Osgood III, Michael N. Leuenberger
  10. arXiv:2111.03041 (Published 2021-11-04, updated 2022-09-23)

    On homotopy groups of spaces of embeddings of an arc or a circle: the Dax invariant

    Danica Kosanović
    Comments: 25 pages, 10 figures. Version accepted for publication in Trans. Amer. Math. Soc
    Categories: math.GT
  11. arXiv:2201.03678 (Published 2022-01-10, updated 2022-09-23)

    Morita equivalence of w*-rigged modules

    Evangelos Papapetros
  12. arXiv:2209.11749 (Published 2022-09-23)

    A Knowledge-driven Physics-Informed Neural Network model; Pyrolysis and Ablation of Polymers

    Aref Ghaderi, Ramin Akbari, Yang Chen, Roozbeh Dargazany
  13. arXiv:2209.11748 (Published 2022-09-23)

    GLSO: Grammar-guided Latent Space Optimization for Sample-efficient Robot Design Automation

    Jiaheng Hu, Julian Whiman, Howie Choset
  14. arXiv:2209.11747 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Floquet transmission in Weyl/multi-Weyl and nodal-line semimetals through a time-periodic potential well

    Sandip Bera, Sajid Sekh, Ipsita Mandal
  15. arXiv:2209.11745 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Unified Algorithms for RL with Decision-Estimation Coefficients: No-Regret, PAC, and Reward-Free Learning

    Fan Chen, Song Mei, Yu Bai
  16. arXiv:2209.11744 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Thermodynamics of a quantum ring modified by Lorentz violation

    A. A. Araújo Filho, H. Hassanabadi, J. A. A. S. Reis, L. Lisboa-Santos
  17. arXiv:2209.11743 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Universal behavior of highly-confined heat flow in semiconductor nanosystems: from nanomeshes to metalattices

    Brendan McBennett et al.
  18. arXiv:2209.11738 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Influence of incommensurate structure on the elastic constants of crystalline Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CaCu$_2$O$_{8+δ}$ by Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy

    B. D. E. McNiven, J. P. F. LeBlanc, G. T. Andrews
  19. arXiv:2209.11736 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Self-assembly Through Programmable Folding

    Angus McMullen, Maitane Muñoz Basagoiti, Zorana Zeravcic, Jasna Brujic
  20. arXiv:2209.11737 (Published 2022-09-23)

    Semantic scene descriptions as an objective of human vision

    Adrien Doerig, Tim C Kietzmann, Emily Allen, Yihan Wu, Thomas Naselaris, Kendrick Kay, Ian Charest