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  1. arXiv:2309.15849 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Period Evolution of Repeating Transients in Galactic Nuclei

    Itai Linial, Eliot Quataert
    Comments: 13 pages, 4 figures. Submitted to MNRAS. Comments are welcome!
    Categories: astro-ph.HE
  2. arXiv:2309.15848 (Published 2023-09-27)

    SHACIRA: Scalable HAsh-grid Compression for Implicit Neural Representations

    Sharath Girish, Abhinav Shrivastava, Kamal Gupta
  3. arXiv:2309.15846 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Modified Enskog equation for hard rods

    Vir B. Bulchandani
  4. arXiv:2309.15843 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Feshbach resonance in a strongly repulsive bilayer model: a possible scenario for bilayer nickelate superconductors

    Hannah Lange, Lukas Homeier, Eugene Demler, Ulrich Schollwöck, Fabian Grusdt, Annabelle Bohrdt
  5. arXiv:2309.15842 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Exploiting the Signal-Leak Bias in Diffusion Models

    Martin Nicolas Everaert, Athanasios Fitsios, Marco Bocchio, Sami Arpa, Sabine Süsstrunk, Radhakrishna Achanta
  6. arXiv:2309.15839 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Examining the Values Reflected by Children during AI Problem Formulation

    Utkarsh Dwivedi, Salma Elsayed-ali, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Hernisa Kacorri
  7. arXiv:2309.15836 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Basis decompositions of genus-one string integrals

    Carlos Rodriguez, Oliver Schlotterer, Yong Zhang
    Comments: 56+8 pages, 9 figures. A companion paper will provide a Mathematica implementation (work in progress)
    Categories: hep-th
  8. arXiv:2309.15834 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Asymptotics and Scattering for massive Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equations

    Xuantao Chen
  9. arXiv:2309.15833 (Published 2023-09-27)

    The R-Matrix in 3d Topological BF Theory

    Nanna Havn Aamand
  10. arXiv:2309.15832 (Published 2023-09-27)

    The relative $h$-principle for closed $\mathrm{SL}(3;\mathbb{R})^2$ 3-forms

    Laurence H. Mayther
  11. arXiv:2309.15830 (Published 2023-09-27)

    OrthoPlanes: A Novel Representation for Better 3D-Awareness of GANs

    Honglin He, Zhuoqian Yang, Shikai Li, Bo Dai, Wayne Wu
  12. arXiv:2309.15829 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Stochastic estimates for the thin-film equation with thermal noise

    Rishabh S. Gvalani, Markus Tempelmayr
  13. arXiv:2309.15828 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Multi-unit soft sensing permits few-shot learning

    Bjarne Grimstad, Kristian Løvland, Lars S. Imsland
  14. arXiv:2309.15826 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Cross-Modal Multi-Tasking for Speech-to-Text Translation via Hard Parameter Sharing

    Brian Yan, Xuankai Chang, Antonios Anastasopoulos, Yuya Fujita, Shinji Watanabe
  15. arXiv:2309.15825 (Published 2023-09-27)

    To Fit or not to Fit: Unraveling Parameter Degeneracy in GRB Data Analysis

    Keneth Garcia-Cifuentes, Rosa Leticia Becerra, Fabio De Colle, Felipe Vargas
    Comments: Submitted to MNRAS, 11 pages, 7 figures. Comments are welcome!
    Categories: astro-ph.HE
  16. arXiv:2309.15823 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Minimal model program for algebraically integrable foliations and generalized pairs

    Guodu Chen, Jingjun Han, Jihao Liu, Lingyao Xie
  17. arXiv:2309.15821 (Published 2023-09-27)

    LGMCTS: Language-Guided Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Executable Semantic Object Rearrangement

    Haonan Chang et al.
    Comments: Our code and supplementary materials are accessible at
    Categories: cs.RO
  18. arXiv:2309.15820 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Induced gravitational waves from flipped SU(5) superstring theory at $\mathrm{nHz}$

    Spyros Basilakos, Dimitri V. Nanopoulos, Theodoros Papanikolaou, Emmanuel N. Saridakis, Charalampos Tzerefos
  19. arXiv:2309.15819 (Published 2023-09-27)

    On the $T1$ theorem for compactness of Calderón-Zygmund operators

    Mishko Mitkovski, Cody B. Stockdale
  20. arXiv:2309.15818 (Published 2023-09-27)

    Show-1: Marrying Pixel and Latent Diffusion Models for Text-to-Video Generation

    David Junhao Zhang et al.
    Comments: project page: ; code:
    Categories: cs.CV