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  1. arXiv:2306.00990 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Finite Entanglement Entropy in String Theory

    Atish Dabholkar, Upamanyu Moitra
  2. arXiv:2306.00989 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Hiera: A Hierarchical Vision Transformer without the Bells-and-Whistles

    Chaitanya Ryali et al.
    Comments: ICML 2023 Oral version. Code+Models:
    Categories: cs.CV, cs.LG
  3. arXiv:2306.00986 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Diffusion Self-Guidance for Controllable Image Generation

    Dave Epstein, Allan Jabri, Ben Poole, Alexei A. Efros, Aleksander Holynski
  4. arXiv:2306.00985 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Using generative AI to investigate medical imagery models and datasets

    Oran Lang et al.
  5. arXiv:2306.00983 (Published 2023-06-01)

    StyleDrop: Text-to-Image Generation in Any Style

    Kihyuk Sohn et al.
  6. arXiv:2306.00984 (Published 2023-06-01)

    StableRep: Synthetic Images from Text-to-Image Models Make Strong Visual Representation Learners

    Yonglong Tian, Lijie Fan, Phillip Isola, Huiwen Chang, Dilip Krishnan
  7. arXiv:2306.00982 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Looking forward to photon-coupled long-lived particles IV: neutralino-ALPino/gravitino

    Krzysztof Jodłowski
  8. arXiv:2306.00981 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Precise Determination of Blackbody Radiation Shifts in a Strontium Molecular Lattice Clock

    B. Iritani, E. Tiberi, W. Skomorowski, R. Moszynski, M. Borkowski, T. Zelevinsky
  9. arXiv:2306.00979 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Building Rearticulable Models for Arbitrary 3D Objects from 4D Point Clouds

    Shaowei Liu, Saurabh Gupta, Shenlong Wang
    Comments: Accepted to CVPR 2023. Project page:
    Categories: cs.CV
  10. arXiv:2306.00976 (Published 2023-06-01)

    TopEx: Topic-based Explanations for Model Comparison

    Shreya Havaldar, Adam Stein, Eric Wong, Lyle Ungar
    Comments: 7 pages, 4 figures, Accepted to ICLR Tiny Papers Track
    Categories: cs.CL
  11. arXiv:2306.00978 (Published 2023-06-01)

    AWQ: Activation-aware Weight Quantization for LLM Compression and Acceleration

    Ji Lin, Jiaming Tang, Haotian Tang, Shang Yang, Xingyu Dang, Song Han
    Comments: Code available at:
    Categories: cs.CL
  12. arXiv:2306.00974 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Intriguing Properties of Text-guided Diffusion Models

    Qihao Liu, Adam Kortylewski, Yutong Bai, Song Bai, Alan Yuille
    Comments: Code will be available at:
    Categories: cs.CV
  13. arXiv:2306.00973 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Intelligent Grimm -- Open-ended Visual Storytelling via Latent Diffusion Models

    Chang Liu, Haoning Wu, Yujie Zhong, Xiaoyun Zhang, Weidi Xie
  14. arXiv:2306.00972 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Improving and Benchmarking Offline Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

    Bingyi Kang, Xiao Ma, Yirui Wang, Yang Yue, Shuicheng Yan
  15. arXiv:2306.00970 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Improving the reliability of machine learned potentials for modeling inhomogenous liquids

    Kamron Fazel, Nima Karimitari, Tanooj Shah, Christopher Sutton, Ravishankar Sundararaman
  16. arXiv:2306.00969 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Quadratic shape biases in three-dimensional halo intrinsic alignments

    Kazuyuki Akitsu, Yin Li, Teppei Okumura
  17. arXiv:2306.00968 (Published 2023-06-01)

    GRES: Generalized Referring Expression Segmentation

    Chang Liu, Henghui Ding, Xudong Jiang
  18. arXiv:2306.00967 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Free Stein kernels, free moment maps, and higher order derivatives

    Charles-Philippe Diez
  19. arXiv:2306.00965 (Published 2023-06-01)

    BUOL: A Bottom-Up Framework with Occupancy-aware Lifting for Panoptic 3D Scene Reconstruction From A Single Image

    Tao Chu, Pan Zhang, Qiong Liu, Jiaqi Wang
    Comments: CVPR 2023,
    Categories: cs.CV
  20. arXiv:2306.00964 (Published 2023-06-01)

    Cocktail: Mixing Multi-Modality Controls for Text-Conditional Image Generation

    Minghui Hu, Jianbin Zheng, Daqing Liu, Chuanxia Zheng, Chaoyue Wang, Dacheng Tao, Tat-Jen Cham