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  1. arXiv:2007.04314 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Bio-inspired sunlight-pumped lasers

    Francesco Mattiotti, William M. Brown, Nicola Piovella, Stefano Olivares, Erik M. Gauger, G. Luca Celardo
    Comments: Supporting Information available upon request
    Categories: quant-ph
  2. arXiv:2007.04313 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Measuring gravitational-wave higher-order modes

    Cameron Mills, Stephen Fairhurst
  3. arXiv:2007.04312 (Published 2020-07-08)

    A Dichotomy for the Weierstrass-type functions

    Haojie Ren, Weixiao Shen
  4. arXiv:2007.04311 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Radial oscillations and stability of multiple-fluid compact stars

    Ben Kain
    Comments: 11 pages, 7 figures
    Journal: Phys. Rev. D 102, 023001 (2020)
    Categories: gr-qc, astro-ph.HE, hep-ph
  5. arXiv:2007.04310 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Frozen Pipes: Lattice Models for Grothendieck Polynomials

    Ben Brubaker, Claire Frechette, Andrew Hardt, Emily Tibor, Katherine Weber
  6. arXiv:2007.04309 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Self-Supervised Policy Adaptation during Deployment

    Nicklas Hansen, Yu Sun, Pieter Abbeel, Alexei A. Efros, Lerrel Pinto, Xiaolong Wang
    Comments: Project page: , Code:
    Categories: cs.LG, cs.CV, cs.RO, stat.ML
  7. arXiv:2007.04308 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Strong spin-orbit interaction and $g$-factor renormalization of hole spins in Ge/Si nanowire quantum dots

    F. N. M. Froning et al.
  8. arXiv:2007.04307 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Generalization of Klain's Theorem to Minkowsky Symmetrization of compact sets and related topics

    Jacopo Ulivelli
    Comments: 17 pages, 2 figures
    Categories: math.MG
  9. arXiv:2007.04306 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Disentangling Phonon Channels in Nanoscale Thermal Transport

    Samik Mukherjee et al.
  10. arXiv:2007.04305 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Higher energy triplet-pair states in polyenes and their role in intramolecular singlet fission

    Darren J Valentine, Dilhan Manawadu, William Barford
  11. arXiv:2007.04085 (Published 2020-07-08)

    A new and complete proof of the Landau condition for pinch singularities of Feynman graphs and other integrals

    John Collins
  12. arXiv:2007.04296 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Two-Component Spinorial Formalism using Quaternions for Six-dimensional Spacetimes

    Joás Venâncio, Carlos Batista
  13. arXiv:2007.04295 (Published 2020-07-08)

    A study of Neural networks point source extraction on simulated Fermi/LAT Telescope images

    Mariia Drozdova, Anton Broilovskiy, Andrey Ustyuzhanin, Denys Malyshev
    Comments: Accepted to Astronomische Nachrichten
    Categories: cs.CV, astro-ph.HE
  14. arXiv:2007.04294 (Published 2020-07-08)

    The low rate of Galactic pevatrons

    P. Cristofari, P. Blasi, E. Amato
  15. arXiv:2007.04293 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Magnetization around mix jets entering inertial confinement fusion fuel

    James D. Sadler, Hui Li, Brian M. Haines
  16. arXiv:2007.04292 (Published 2020-07-08)

    HALCONE : A Hardware-Level Timestamp-based Cache Coherence Scheme for Multi-GPU systems

    Saiful A. Mojumder et al.
  17. arXiv:2007.04291 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Large Neutrino Magnetic Moments in the Light of Recent Experiments

    K. S. Babu, Sudip Jana, Manfred Lindner
  18. arXiv:2007.04290 (Published 2020-07-08)

    Multiplicative functions in short intervals II

    Kaisa Matomäki, Maksym Radziwiłł
  19. arXiv:2007.04289 (Published 2020-07-08)

    A Quadratic Convex Approximation of Optimal Power Flow in Distribution System with Application in Loss Allocation

    Tianshu Yang, Ye Guo, Lirong Deng, Hongbin Sun, Wenchuan Wu
  20. arXiv:2007.04288 (Published 2020-07-08)

    The motivic Galois group of mixed Tate motives over $\mathbb{Z}[1/2]$ and its action on the fundamental group of $\mathbb{P}^{1}\setminus\{0,\pm1,\infty\}$

    Minoru Hirose, Nobuo Sato
    Comments: 47 pages, 1 figure
    Categories: math.NT
    Subjects: 11M32, 20F34