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  1. arXiv:1708.05383 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Higher-Order Hydrodynamics in 1D: a Promising Direction and a Null Result

    Maurizio Fagotti
  2. arXiv:1708.05382 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Bass and Schur finiteness conjectures for quadric fibrations

    Goncalo Tabuada
  3. arXiv:1708.05381 (Published 2017-08-17)

    The Green's function on the double cover of the grid and application to the uniform spanning tree trunk

    Richard W. Kenyon, David B. Wilson
  4. arXiv:1708.05380 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Catching a star before explosion: the luminous blue variable progenitor of SN 2015bh

    Ioana Boian, Jose Groh
    Comments: 12 Pages, 9 figures, submitted to A&A. Comments welcome
  5. arXiv:1708.05379 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Search for massive resonances decaying into WW, WZ, ZZ, qW, and qZ with dijet final states at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV

    CMS Collaboration
    Comments: Submitted to Phys. Rev. D. All the figures and tables can be found at (CMS Public Pages)
    Categories: hep-ex
  6. arXiv:1708.05378 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Geometry of free loci and factorization of noncommutative polynomials

    J. William Helton, Igor Klep, Jurij Volčič
    Comments: 30 pages, includes a table of contents
    Categories: math.RA, math.AG
    Subjects: 13J30, 15A22, 47A56, 14P10, 16U30, 16R30
  7. arXiv:1708.05377 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Complete algorithms for algebraic strongest postconditions and weakest preconditions in polynomial ode's

    Michele Boreale
  8. arXiv:1708.05376 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Restricted Boltzmann machine to determine the input weights for extreme learning machines

    Andre Pacheco, Renato Krohling, Carlos da Silva
  9. arXiv:1708.05375 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Learning a Multi-View Stereo Machine

    Abhishek Kar, Christian Häne, Jitendra Malik
  10. arXiv:1708.05374 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Development: A Forensics-Driven Approach

    George Grispos, William Bradley Glisson, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
    Comments: This is the pre-print version of a paper presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Security, Privacy, and Trustworthiness in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems (MedSPT 2017)
    Categories: cs.CR
  11. arXiv:1708.05373 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Oscillatory functions vanish on a large set

    Stefan Steinerberger
  12. arXiv:1708.05372 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Non-unitarity lepton mixing in an inverse seesaw and its impact on the physics potential of long-baseline experiments

    Soumya C, Rukmani Mohanta
  13. arXiv:1708.05371 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Improved calibration process for the WCDs of the LAGO project using semi-analytic model

    L. Otiniano, Ch. Alvarado
  14. arXiv:1708.05370 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Forces in inhomogeneous open active-particle systems

    Nitzan Razin, Raphael Voituriez, Jens Elgeti, Nir S. Gov
  15. arXiv:1708.05369 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Exploring Low Internal Reorganization Energies for Silicene Nanoclusters

    Ricardo Pablo-Pedro, Hector Lopez-Rios, Jose-L Mendoza-Cortes, Jing Kong, Serguei Fomine, Troy Van Voorhis, Mildred S. Dresselhaus
  16. arXiv:1708.05368 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Structures of Knowledge from Wikipedia Networks

    Maxime Gabella
  17. arXiv:1708.05367 (Published 2017-08-17)

    On Some Properties of Tribonacci Quaternions

    Ilker Akkus, Gonca Kizilaslan
    Categories: math.CO
  18. arXiv:1708.05366 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Effects of Planetesimal Accretion on the Thermal and Structural Evolution of Sub-Neptunes

    Sourav Chatterjee, Howard Chen
    Comments: 17 Pages, 9 Figures, 1 Table; Submitted to the Astrophysical Journal
    Categories: astro-ph.EP
  19. arXiv:1708.05365 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Searching for Faint Comoving Companions to the $α$ Centauri system in the VVV Survey Infrared Images

    J. C. Beamin et al.
    Comments: 8 pages, 6 figures, 3 tables. Accepted for publication in MNRAS
    Categories: astro-ph.SR, astro-ph.EP
  20. arXiv:1708.05364 (Published 2017-08-17)

    Theory of relativistic radiation reflection from plasmas

    Arkady Gonoskov