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  1. arXiv:2106.12575 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Weisfeiler and Lehman Go Cellular: CW Networks

    Cristian Bodnar, Fabrizio Frasca, Nina Otter, Yu Guang Wang, Pietro Liò, Guido Montúfar, Michael Bronstein
  2. arXiv:2106.12573 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Getting ready for the LSST data - estimating the physical properties of $z<2.5$ main sequence galaxies

    Gabriele Riccio et al.
  3. arXiv:2106.12574 (Published 2021-06-23)

    DeepStochLog: Neural Stochastic Logic Programming

    Thomas Winters, Giuseppe Marra, Robin Manhaeve, Luc De Raedt
  4. arXiv:2106.12572 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Rigorous body-order approximations of an electronic structure potential energy landscape

    Jack Thomas, Huajie Chen, Christoph Ortner
  5. arXiv:2106.12571 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Analysis of the evolution of agroclimatic risks in a context of climate variability in the region of Segou in Mali

    Diop Amadou, Barro Diakarya
  6. arXiv:2106.12570 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Learning Multimodal VAEs through Mutual Supervision

    Tom Joy, Yuge Shi, Philip H. S. Torr, Tom Rainforth, Sebastian M. Schmon, N. Siddharth
  7. arXiv:2106.12569 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Gradient-Based Interpretability Methods and Binarized Neural Networks

    Amy Widdicombe, Simon J. Julier
    Comments: Accepted at the ICML 2021 Workshop on Theoretic Foundation, Criticism & Application Trend of Explainable AI
    Categories: cs.CV, cs.AI, cs.LG
  8. arXiv:2106.12568 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Discrete and metric divisorial gonality can be different

    Josse van Dobben de Bruyn, Harry Smit, Marieke van der Wegen
  9. arXiv:2106.12567 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Localisation determines the optimal noise rate for quantum transport

    Alexandre R. Coates, Brendon W. Lovett, Erik M. Gauger
  10. arXiv:2106.12566 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Stable, Fast and Accurate: Kernelized Attention with Relative Positional Encoding

    Shengjie Luo et al.
  11. arXiv:2106.12565 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Wetting and Prewetting Phase Transitions facilitated by Surface Binding

    Xueping Zhao, Giacomo Bartolucci, Alf Honigmann, Frank Jülicher, Christoph A. Weber
  12. arXiv:2106.12564 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Epicyclic frequencies in static and spherically symmetric wormhole geometries

    Vittorio De Falco, Mariafelicia De Laurentis, Salvatore Capozziello
    Comments: 11 pages, 6 figures, 2 tables; accepted for publication on Phys. Rev. D on 23/06/2021
    Categories: gr-qc, astro-ph.HE, hep-th
  13. arXiv:2106.12563 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Feature Attributions and Counterfactual Explanations Can Be Manipulated

    Dylan Slack, Sophie Hilgard, Sameer Singh, Hima Lakkaraju
  14. arXiv:2106.12562 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Feature Alignment for Approximated Reversibility in Neural Networks

    Tiago de Souza Farias, Jonas Maziero
  15. arXiv:2106.12560 (Published 2021-06-23)

    A generalized buchdahl model for compact stars in f (R;T) gravity

    J. Kumar, H. D. Singh, A. K. Prasad
  16. arXiv:2106.12559 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Yang-Mills propagators in linear covariant gauges from Nielsen identities

    Martin Napetschnig, Reinhard Alkofer, Markus Q. Huber, Jan M. Pawlowski
  17. arXiv:2105.08233 (Published 2021-05-18, updated 2021-06-23)

    Oneshot Differentially Private Top-k Selection

    Gang Qiao, Weijie J. Su, Li Zhang
  18. arXiv:2106.12558 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Formation of electron velocity space distribution functions allowing radioastronomical diagnostics of kinetic magnetic reconnection

    Xin Yao, Patricio Alejandro Muñoz, Jörg Büchner
  19. arXiv:2106.12557 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Stable spin Hall-Littlewood symmetric functions, combinatorial identities, and half-space Yang-Baxter random field

    Kailun Chen, Xiangmao Ding
  20. arXiv:2106.12556 (Published 2021-06-23)

    Real-time Outdoor Localization Using Radio Maps: A Deep Learning Approach

    Çağkan Yapar, Ron Levie, Gitta Kutyniok, Giuseppe Caire