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  1. arXiv:2405.14485 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Experimental observations of bifurcated power decay lengths in the near Scrape-Off Layer of tokamak plasmas

    X Zhang et al.
  2. arXiv:2405.14484 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Novel semi-explicit symplectic schemes for nonseparable stochastic Hamiltonian systems

    Jialin Hong, Baohui Hou, Liying Sun
  3. arXiv:2405.14483 (Published 2024-05-23)

    On resonance coupling in spiral arms: Patterns for flat rotation curve

    Alexander A. Marchuk
    Comments: Accepted for publication in A&A Letters
    Categories: astro-ph.GA
  4. arXiv:2405.14482 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Quantifying Multivariate Graph Dependencies: Theory and Estimation for Multiplex Graphs

    Anda Skeja, Sofia C. Olhede
  5. arXiv:2405.14481 (Published 2024-05-23)

    A logic of judgmental existence and its relation to proof irrelevance

    Ivo Pezlar
  6. arXiv:2405.14480 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Scalable Visual State Space Model with Fractal Scanning

    Lv Tang, HaoKe Xiao, Peng-Tao Jiang, Hao Zhang, Jinwei Chen, Bo Li
  7. arXiv:2405.14479 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Theory of Generalized Landau Levels and Implication for non-Abelian States

    Zhao Liu, Bruno Mera, Manato Fujimoto, Tomoki Ozawa, Jie Wang
  8. arXiv:2405.14476 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Groups elementarily equivalent to the classical matrix groups

    Alexei G. Myasnikov, Mahmood Sohrabi
    Comments: 36 pages
    Categories: math.GR, math.LO
    Subjects: 03C60, 20F16
  9. arXiv:2405.14473 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Poisson Variational Autoencoder

    Hadi Vafaii, Dekel Galor, Jacob L. Yates
  10. arXiv:2405.14471 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Adaptive sampling with PIXL on the Mars Perseverance rover

    Peter R. Lawson et al.
    Comments: 24 pages including 11 figures and 7 tables. Submitted for publication to the journal Icarus
    Categories: astro-ph.EP, astro-ph.IM
  11. arXiv:2402.19157 (Published 2024-02-29, updated 2024-05-23)

    Broken detailed balance and entropy production in directed networks

    Ramón Nartallo-Kaluarachchi, Malbor Asllani, Gustavo Deco, Morten L. Kringelbach, Alain Goriely, Renaud Lambiotte
  12. arXiv:2405.14468 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Neural Collapse versus Low-rank Bias: Is Deep Neural Collapse Really Optimal?

    Peter Súkeník, Marco Mondelli, Christoph Lampert
  13. arXiv:2405.14466 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Ultra-cold atoms quantum tunneling through single and double optical barriers

    Roy Eid, Alfred Hammond, Lucas Lavoine, Thomas Bourdel
  14. arXiv:2402.02095 (Published 2024-02-03, updated 2024-05-23)

    Seeing is not always believing: The Space of Harmless Perturbations

    Lu Chen, Shaofeng Li, Benhao Huang, Fan Yang, Zheng Li, Jie Li, Yuan Luo
  15. arXiv:2405.14465 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Foams with flat connections and algebraic K-theory

    David Gepner, Mee Seong Im, Mikhail Khovanov, Nitu Kitchloo
  16. arXiv:2405.14464 (Published 2024-05-23)

    On resonant energy sets for Hamiltonian systems with reflections

    Krzysztof Frączek
    Comments: 37 pages, 1 figure. The paper is closely related to the recent preprint: arXiv:2012.07342
    Categories: math.DS, math-ph, math.CA, math.MP
  17. arXiv:2405.14462 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Fermat Principle and weak deflection angle from Lindstedt-Poincare method

    Joanna Piwnik, Joanna Gonera, Piotr Kosinski
  18. arXiv:2405.14461 (Published 2024-05-23)

    A Power Tower Control: A New Sliding Mode Control

    Malek Ghanes, Jean-Pierre Barbot
  19. arXiv:2405.14460 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Detecting slow magnetization relaxation via magnetotransport measurements based on the current-reversal method

    Sebastian Beckert et al.
  20. arXiv:2405.14459 (Published 2024-05-23)

    Semi-Discrete Optimal Transport: Nearly Minimax Estimation With Stochastic Gradient Descent and Adaptive Entropic Regularization

    Ferdinand Genans-Boiteux, Antoine Godichon-Baggioni, François-Xavier Vialard, Olivier Wintenberger