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  1. arXiv:2011.12289 (Published 2020-11-24)

    MicroNet: Towards Image Recognition with Extremely Low FLOPs

    Yunsheng Li et al.
  2. arXiv:2011.12288 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Machine Learning (ML) In a 5G Standalone (SA) Self Organizing Network (SON)

    Srinivasan Sridharan
    Comments: 5G, Machine learning (ML), Self-organizing Networks (SONs), 5G Standalone, Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Categories: cs.NI, cs.LG
  3. arXiv:2011.12287 (Published 2020-11-24)

    The cobordism distance between a knot and its reverse

    Charles Livingston
    Comments: 6 pages, 2 figures
    Categories: math.GT
    Subjects: 57K10
  4. arXiv:2011.12286 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Propagation of a plane-strain hydraulic fracture accounting for a rough cohesive zone

    Dong Liu, Brice Lecampion
  5. arXiv:2011.12285 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Particle Production from Oscillating Scalar Field and Consistency of Boltzmann Equation

    Takeo Moroi, Wen Yin
  6. arXiv:2011.12284 (Published 2020-11-24)

    RR Lyrae stars as seen by the Kepler space telescope

    Emese Plachy, Róbert Szabó
    Comments: 25 pages, 9 figures, review article, accepted in Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences
    Categories: astro-ph.SR, astro-ph.IM
  7. arXiv:2011.12283 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Consideration of a loop decay of dark matter particle into electron-positron from point of view of possible FSR suppression

    K. M. Belotsky, A. Kh. Kamaletdinov
  8. arXiv:2011.12282 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Learning Effective Spin Hamiltonian of Quantum Magnet

    Sizhuo Yu, Yuan Gao, Bin-Bin Chen, Wei Li
  9. arXiv:2011.12281 (Published 2020-11-24)

    An optimized material removal process

    Jean-François Molinari, Son Pham-Ba
  10. arXiv:2011.12280 (Published 2020-11-24)

    The Effective Field Theory and Perturbative Analysis for Log-Density Fields

    Henrique Rubira, Rodrigo Voivodic
    Comments: 32 pages, 10 figures. Comments are welcome
    Categories: astro-ph.CO, gr-qc, hep-ph
  11. arXiv:2011.12279 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Angle structures on $3$-manifolds

    Anton Mellit
    Comments: This note was written in 2007 during the author's stay at MPIfM. It is uploaded to arXiv at the request of Herbert Gangl
    Categories: math.GT, math.QA
  12. arXiv:2011.12278 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Classical Characterization of quantum waves: Comparison between the caustic and the zeros of the Madelung-Bohm potential

    E. Espíndola-Ramos et al.
  13. arXiv:2011.12277 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Random quantum circuits anti-concentrate in log depth

    Alexander M. Dalzell, Nicholas Hunter-Jones, Fernando G. S. L. Brandão
  14. arXiv:2011.12276 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Insights From A Large-Scale Database of Material Depictions In Paintings

    Hubert Lin, Mitchell Van Zuijlen, Maarten W. A. Wijntjes, Sylvia C. Pont, Kavita Bala
    Comments: International Workshop on Fine Art Pattern Extraction and Recognition, ICPR 2020
    Categories: cs.CV
  15. arXiv:2011.12275 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Simultaneous small fractional parts of polynomials

    James Maynard
  16. arXiv:2011.12274 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Homological Polynomial Coefficients and the Twist Number of Alternating Surface Links

    David A. Will
  17. arXiv:2011.12273 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Homotopies and transcendental extensions in colouring problems

    Wojciech Duliński
  18. arXiv:2011.12271 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Topological waves in passive and active fluids on curved surfaces: a unified picture

    Richard Green, Jay Armas, Jan de Boer, Luca Giomi
  19. arXiv:2011.12116 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Uncertainty Quantification by Random Measures and Fields

    Caleb Deen Bastian, Herschel Rabitz
  20. arXiv:2011.12270 (Published 2020-11-24)

    Structural, dielectric and magnetic studies of (0-3) type multiferroic (1-x) BaTi0.8Sn0.2O3-(x) La0.5Ca0.5MnO3 (0 <x< 1) composite ceramics

    S. Ben Moumen et al.