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  1. arXiv:1905.09275 (Published 2019-05-22)

    COBRA: Data-Efficient Model-Based RL through Unsupervised Object Discovery and Curiosity-Driven Exploration

    Nicholas Watters, Loic Matthey, Matko Bosnjak, Christopher P. Burgess, Alexander Lerchner
  2. arXiv:1905.09274 (Published 2019-05-22)

    LazyLedger: A Distributed Data Availability Ledger With Client-Side Smart Contracts

    Mustafa Al-Bassam
  3. arXiv:1905.09273 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Inhomogeneous matrix product ansatz and exact steady states of boundary driven spin chains at large dissipation

    Vladislav Popkov, Tomaž Prosen, Lenart Zadnik
    Comments: 5 pages main text, 5 pages supplemental material, 3 figures
  4. arXiv:1905.09272 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Data-Efficient Image Recognition with Contrastive Predictive Coding

    Olivier J. Hénaff, Ali Razavi, Carl Doersch, S. M. Ali Eslami, Aaron van den Oord
  5. arXiv:1905.09271 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Infinite Grid Exploration by Disoriented Robots

    Quentin Bramas, Stephane Devismes, Pascal Lafourcade
  6. arXiv:1905.09270 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Nonlocality, quantum correlations, and irrealism in the dynamics of two quantum walkers

    Alexandre C. Orthey Jr., R. M. Angelo
  7. arXiv:1905.09269 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Anomaly cancellation in the topological string

    Kevin Costello, Si Li
    Comments: 42 pages, 2 figures. Comments are welcome
    Categories: hep-th, math-ph, math.MP, math.QA
  8. arXiv:1905.09268 (Published 2019-05-22)

    A Shuffling Theorem for Reflectively Symmetric Tilings

    Tri Lai
    Comments: First version. Comments are welcome!
    Categories: math.CO
    Subjects: 05A15, 05B45
  9. arXiv:1905.09267 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Real-Time Hardware-In-the-Loop Emulation Framework for DSRC-based Connected Vehicle Applications

    Ghayoor Shah, Rodolfo Valiente, Nitish Gupta, S M Osman Gani, Behrad Toghi, Yaser P. Fallah, Somak Datta Gupta
  10. arXiv:1905.09266 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Dynamic mode decomposition for analytic maps

    Julia Slipantschuk, Oscar F. Bandtlow, Wolfram Just
  11. arXiv:1905.09265 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Bridging Stereo Matching and Optical Flow via Spatiotemporal Correspondence

    Hsueh-Ying Lai, Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Wei-Chen Chiu
    Comments: Accepted in CVPR'19. Code and model are available at:
    Categories: cs.CV
  12. arXiv:1905.09264 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Automated shapeshifting for function recovery in damaged robots

    Sam Kriegman, Stephanie Walker, Dylan Shah, Michael Levin, Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio, Josh Bongard
  13. arXiv:1905.09263 (Published 2019-05-22)

    FastSpeech: Fast, Robust and Controllable Text to Speech

    Yi Ren, Yangjun Ruan, Xu Tan, Tao Qin, Sheng Zhao, Zhou Zhao, Tie-Yan Liu
  14. arXiv:1905.09262 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Phase-coherent caloritronics with ordinary and topological Josephson junctions

    Sun-Yong Hwang, Björn Sothmann
  15. arXiv:1905.09261 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Epitaxial Graphene Intercalation: A Route to Graphene Modulation and Unique 2D Materials

    Natalie Briggs et al.
  16. arXiv:1905.09260 (Published 2019-05-22)

    A wider look at the gravitational-wave transients from GWTC-1 using an unmodeled reconstruction method

    F. Salemi et al.
  17. arXiv:1905.09259 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Networks and Hierarchies: How Amorphous Materials Learn to Remember

    Muhittin Mungan, Srikanth Sastry, Karin Dahmen, Ido Regev
  18. arXiv:1905.09258 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Production and Backreaction of Fermions from Axion-$SU(2)$ Gauge Fields during Inflation

    L. Mirzagholi, A. Maleknejad, K. D. Lozanov
    Comments: 22+15 pages, 5 figures
    Categories: hep-th, astro-ph.CO
  19. arXiv:1905.09257 (Published 2019-05-22)

    Chemical potential layers in the quark-gluon plasma induced by the chiral magnetic effect

    Haibin Wang
    Comments: arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1703.07744
    Categories: hep-ph
  20. arXiv:1905.09256 (Published 2019-05-22)

    $F$-inverse monoids as algebraic structures in enriched signature

    K. Auinger, G. Kudryavtseva, M. B. Szendrei