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  1. arXiv:1706.08511 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Correlating Lepton Flavour (Universality) Violation in $B$ Decays with $μ\to eγ$ using Leptoquarks

    Andreas Crivellin, Dario Mueller, Adrian Signer, Yannick Ulrich
    Comments: 10 pages, 2 figures and an appendix
    Categories: hep-ph, hep-ex
  2. arXiv:1706.08510 (Published 2017-06-26)

    $B$ decay anomalies from nonabelian local horizontal symmetry

    James M. Cline, Jorge Martin Camalich
  3. arXiv:1706.08509 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids Meet Bio-Membranes: the State-of-the- Art

    Antonio Benedetto
  4. arXiv:1706.08507 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Is my attack tree correct? Extended version

    Maxime Audinot, Sophie Pinchinat, Barbara Kordy
  5. arXiv:1706.08506 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Onsager's energy conservation for inhomogeneous Euler equations

    Robin Ming Chen, Cheng Yu
  6. arXiv:1706.08505 (Published 2017-06-26)

    The set of fiber-bunched cocyles with nonvanishing Lyapunov exponents over a partially hyperbolic map is open

    Lucas Backes, Mauricio Poletti, Adriana Sánchez
  7. arXiv:1706.08504 (Published 2017-06-26)

    The Bernays-Schönfinkel-Ramsey Fragment with Bounded Difference Constraints over the Reals is Decidable

    Marco Voigt
  8. arXiv:1706.08503 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Fast optimization algorithms and the cosmological constant

    Ning Bao, Raphael Bousso, Stephen Jordan, Brad Lackey
  9. arXiv:1706.08502 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Natural Language Does Not Emerge 'Naturally' in Multi-Agent Dialog

    Satwik Kottur, José M. F. Moura, Stefan Lee, Dhruv Batra
  10. arXiv:1706.08501 (Published 2017-06-26)

    A Simulator for Hedonic Games

    Luke Harold Miles
    Comments: 6 pages and 4 pictures. Will be presented at the 2017 Algorithmic Decision Theory Doctoral Consortium
    Categories: cs.MA, cs.AI
  11. arXiv:1706.08500 (Published 2017-06-26)

    GANs Trained by a Two Time-Scale Update Rule Converge to a Nash Equilibrium

    Martin Heusel, Hubert Ramsauer, Thomas Unterthiner, Bernhard Nessler, Günter Klambauer, Sepp Hochreiter
  12. arXiv:1706.08499 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Hidden long evolutionary memory in a model biochemical network

    Md. Zulfikar Ali, Ned S. Wingreen, Ranjan Mukhopadhyay
  13. arXiv:1706.08498 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Spectrally-normalized margin bounds for neural networks

    Peter Bartlett, Dylan J. Foster, Matus Telgarsky
  14. arXiv:1706.08497 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Conformal Field Theories as Scaling Limit of Anyonic Chains

    Modjtaba Shokrian Zini, Zhenghan Wang
  15. arXiv:1706.08496 (Published 2017-06-26)

    The NA62 RICH detector

    Andrea Bizzeti
    Comments: 4 pages, 3 figures
    Categories: physics.ins-det, hep-ex
  16. arXiv:1706.08495 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Uncertainty Decomposition in Bayesian Neural Networks with Latent Variables

    Stefan Depeweg, José Miguel Hernández-Lobato, Finale Doshi-Velez, Steffen Udluft
  17. arXiv:1706.08494 (Published 2017-06-26)

    On Signal Reconstruction from FROG Measurements

    Tamir Bendory, Dan Edidin, Yonina C. Eldar
  18. arXiv:1706.08493 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Towards the Evolution of Multi-Layered Neural Networks: A Dynamic Structured Grammatical Evolution Approach

    Filipe Assunção, Nuno Lourenço, Penousal Machado, Bernardete Ribeiro
  19. arXiv:1706.08492 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Hybrid Photonic Loss Resilient Entanglement Swapping

    Ryan C. Parker, Jaewoo Joo, Mohsen Razavi, Timothy P. Spiller
  20. arXiv:1706.08491 (Published 2017-06-26)

    Cognitive Subscore Trajectory Prediction in Alzheimer's Disease

    Lev E. Givon, Laura J. Mariano, Abraham R. Schneider, David O'Dowd, John M. Irvine
    Comments: Submitted to SIIM Conference on Machine Learning in Medical Imaging (C-MIMI) 2017
    Categories: stat.ML, cs.LG