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  1. arXiv:1711.08455 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Frustration and quantum criticality

    Matthias Vojta
    Comments: 25 pages, 8 figs; mini-review prepared for Rep. Prog. Phys.; comments welcome
  2. arXiv:1711.08454 (Published 2017-11-22)

    On Chow weight structures without projectivity and resolution of singularities

    Mikhail V. Bondarko, David Z. Kumallagov
    Comments: We prove that a new method of constructing Chow weight structures allows to deal with them "without resolution of singularities"; thus one does not have to invert the base field characteristic $p$ in the base field if $p>0$. 25 pages; comments are very welcome!
    Categories: math.AG, math.KT
    Subjects: 14C15, 18E30, 14F05, 18E35, 14F42, 14F20
  3. arXiv:1711.08453 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Fast and Stable Pascal Matrix Algorithms

    Samuel F. Potter, Ramani Duraiswami
  4. arXiv:1711.08452 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Combating Computational Heterogeneity in Large-Scale Distributed Computing via Work Exchange

    Mohamed A. Attia, Ravi Tandon
  5. arXiv:1711.08451 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Causal nearest neighbor rules for optimal treatment regimes

    Xin Zhou, Michael R. Kosorok
  6. arXiv:1711.08450 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Magnetoydroynamics with chiral anomaly: phases of collective excitations and instabilities

    Koichi Hattori, Yuji Hirono, Ho-Ung Yee, Yi Yin
  7. arXiv:1711.08449 (Published 2017-11-22)

    The Sudakov form factor at four loops in maximal super Yang-Mills theory

    Rutger H. Boels, Tobias Huber, Gang Yang
  8. arXiv:1711.08448 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Node and layer eigenvector centralities for multiplex networks

    Francesco Tudisco, Francesca Arrigo, Antoine Gautier
  9. arXiv:1711.08447 (Published 2017-11-22)

    VITON: An Image-based Virtual Try-on Network

    Xintong Han, Zuxuan Wu, Zhe Wu, Ruichi Yu, Larry S. Davis
  10. arXiv:1711.08446 (Published 2017-11-22)

    On Computing Min-Degree Elimination Orderings

    Matthew Fahrbach, Gary L. Miller, Richard Peng, Saurabh Sawlani, Junxing Wang, Shen Chen Xu
  11. arXiv:1711.08443 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Perelman's $W$-functional on manifolds with conical singularities

    Xianzhe Dai, Changliang Wang
  12. arXiv:1711.08442 (Published 2017-11-22)

    From Monte Carlo to Las Vegas: Improving Restricted Boltzmann Machine Training Through Stopping Sets

    Pedro H. P. Savarese, Mayank Kakodkar, Bruno Ribeiro
  13. arXiv:1711.08441 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Reconstruction of a direction-dependent primordial power spectrum from Planck CMB data

    Amel Durakovic, Paul Hunt, Suvodip Mukherjee, Subir Sarkar, Tarun Souradeep
  14. arXiv:1711.08440 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Self-adjustment of a nonlinear lasing mode to a pumped area in a two-dimensional microcavity

    Yuta Kawashima, Susumu Shinohara, Satoshi Sunada, Takahisa Harayama
    Comments: 8 pages, 10 figures
    Journal: Photonics Research, Vol. 5, No. 6, pp. B47-B53 (2017)
    Categories: physics.optics, nlin.CD
  15. arXiv:1711.08439 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Dirichlet spectrum of the Fichera layer

    Monique Dauge, Yvon Lafranche, Thomas Ourmières-Bonafos
  16. arXiv:1711.08438 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Simulating the galaxy cluster "El Gordo": gas motion, kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich signal, and X-ray line features

    Congyao Zhang, Qingjuan Yu, Youjun Lu
    Comments: 10 pages, 6 figures, submitted to ApJ
    Categories: astro-ph.CO, astro-ph.GA
  17. arXiv:1711.08437 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Clockwork / Linear Dilaton: Structure and Phenomenology

    Gian F. Giudice, Yevgeny Kats, Matthew McCullough, Riccardo Torre, Alfredo Urbano
  18. arXiv:1711.08436 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Shellability is NP-complete

    Xavier Goaoc, Pavel Paták, Zuzana Patáková, Martin Tancer, Uli Wagner
  19. arXiv:1711.08435 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Tree-level gluon amplitudes on the celestial sphere

    Anders Schreiber, Anastasia Volovich, Michael Zlotnikov
  20. arXiv:1711.08434 (Published 2017-11-22)

    Neutrino Mass Priors for Cosmology from Random Matrices

    Andrew J. Long, Marco Raveri, Wayne Hu, Scott Dodelson
    Comments: 16+2 pages, two column, 7 figures, 2 tables
    Categories: astro-ph.CO, hep-ph