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Sharing Your Documents

If you have lecture notes, literature surveys, or any other original content that have not been published online, you may would like to share them in your "Documents" page. The community will benefit from your openness. Besides, you can also gain 20 reputation for one document.

To upload a document, you should certify that it is your own work and agree to distribute it under CC BY-SA 4.0. Please note that we only accept .pdf, .svg, .png, .zip, and text files. To allow others to remix, transform, and build upon your content, you are strongly encouraged to share your TeX source files. When uploading your document, you are required to provide the resource type and a unique hyperlink reference which should be constructed as{your-uid}/{resource-group}/{document-name}

where the resource group should be chosen from pdf, tex, and images. Valid document names should consist of at least four characters from the set of lowercase letters, digits, the hyphen, and the period. Please note that uppercase letters are not allowed.