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Reputation and the Credit System

Reputation is a rough measurement of how much you get involved in our website. It helps decide the permissions you get and how much the community trusts you.

You gain reputation when:

  • you claim the authorship of an article: +100
  • you upload a document to share with others: +20
  • you attach a supplementary resource for an article: +5
  • you edit the extended metadata of an article: +2
  • you finish reading an article: +1
  • you publish a new review: +5
  • your review is voted up by a user: +5
  • your review is bookmarked by a user: +2
  • you make a comment on a review: +2
  • bounty awarded by moderators: +full bounty amount

You lose reputation when:

  • you rate an article: -1
  • you vote a review: -1
  • your review is voted down by a user: -5
  • penalty decided by moderators: -full penalty amount

Privileges are determinted by your reputation:

  • you need at least 100 reputation to edit the metadata of an article
  • you need at least 10 reputation to publish a new review