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On bosonization in $3$ dimensions

D. G. Barcy, C. D. Fosco, L. E. Oxman

Published 1995-08-16, updated 1995-08-22Version 2

A recently proposed path-integral bosonization scheme for massive fermions in $3$ dimensions is extended by keeping the full momentum-dependence of the one-loop vacuum polarization tensor. This makes it possible to discuss both the massive and massless fermion cases on an equal footing, and moreover the results it yields for massless fermions are consistent with the ones of another, seemingly different, canonical quantization approach to the problem of bosonization for a massless fermionic field in $3$ dimensions.

Comments: 11 pages, Latex, omitted references added, typos corrected
Journal: Phys.Lett. B375 (1996) 267-272
Categories: hep-th, cond-mat
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