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Anyons in 1+1 Dimensions

Jorge Gamboa, Jorge Zanelli

Published 1995-03-20Version 1

The possibility of excitations with fractional spin and statististics in $1+1$ dimensions is explored. The configuration space of a two-particle system is the half-line. This makes the Hamiltonian self-adjoint for a family of boundary conditions parametrized by one real number $\gamma$. The limit $\gamma \rightarrow 0, (\infty$) reproduces the propagator of non-relativistic particles whose wavefunctions are even (odd) under particle exchange. A relativistic ansatz is also proposed which reproduces the correct Polyakov spin factor for the spinning particle in $1+1$ dimensions. These checks support validity of the interpretation of $\gamma$ as a parameter related to the ``spin'' that interpolates continuously between bosons ($\gamma =0$) and fermions ($\gamma =\infty$). Our approach can thus be useful for obtaining the propagator for one-dimensional anyons.

Comments: 13p. latex (Revtex), no figures.
Journal: Phys.Lett. B357 (1995) 131-137
Categories: hep-th, cond-mat
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