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Scattering states in the four nucleons system

F. Ciesielski, J. Carbonell, C. Gignoux

Published 1998-05-09Version 1

The Faddeev-Yakubowski equations have been solved in configuration space for the four nucleons system. Results for bound and scattering states in the isospin and S-wave approximation for different (T,S) channels are presented. The n-t elastic cross section has been also calculated with realistic interactions. A special interest was devoted to the description of the observed resonant structure at $T_{lab}\approx 3$ MeV which is well reproduced only by the simple MT I-III potential.

Comments: latex.tar.gz file, 5 pages, 2 figures. Contribution to the XVth International Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics - Groningen, 22-26 July 1997
Journal: Nucl.Phys. A631 (1998) 653
Categories: nucl-th
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