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Tensor polarization of $ω$ produced at threshold in $p-p$ collisions

G Ramachandran, J Balasubramanyam, S P Shilpashree, G Padmanabha

Published 2006-10-18, updated 2006-10-19Version 2

It is shown that the dominant decay mode of $\vec\omega \to \pi^+ \pi^- \pi^0$ can be employed to determine the Fano statistical tensor $t^2_0$ of $\vec \omega$ with respect to the quantization axis normal to the decay plane. In $pp \to pp \vec \omega$ one can choose decay planes with different orientations for a given $\omega$ direction, $\theta$. By choosing three different experimentally convenient orientations of the decay planes for the same $\theta$, one may determine empirically the $t^2_0$ and $t^2_{\pm 2}$ characterising the tensor polarization of $\omega$ in the Transverse Frame for $pp \to pp \vec \omega$.

Comments: 5 pages
Journal: J.Phys.G34:661-666,2007
Categories: nucl-th
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