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A Measurement of the Electric Form Factor of the Neutron through $\vec{d}(\vec{e},e'n)p$ at $Q^2 = 0.5$ (GeV/c)$^2$

E93026 Collaboration, H. Zhu

Published 2001-05-03Version 1

We report the first measurement of the neutron electric form factor $G_E^n$ via $\vec{d}(\vec{e},e'n)p$ using a solid polarized target. $G_E^n$ was determined from the beam-target asymmetry in the scattering of longitudinally polarized electrons from polarized deuterated ammonia, $^{15}$ND$_3$. The measurement was performed in Hall C at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF) in quasi free kinematics with the target polarization perpendicular to the momentum transfer. The electrons were detected in a magnetic spectrometer in coincidence with neutrons in a large solid angle segmented detector. We find $G_E^n = 0.04632\pm0.00616 (stat.) \pm0.00341 (syst.)$ at $Q^2 = 0.495$ (GeV/c)$^2$.

Comments: Latex2e 5 pages, 3 figures
Journal: Phys.Rev.Lett.87:081801,2001
Categories: nucl-ex
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