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Note on the boundary terms in AdS/CFT correspondence for Rarita-Schwinger field

R. C. Rashkov

Published 1999-04-14, updated 1999-04-26Version 4

In this letter the boundary problem for massless and massive Rarita-Schwinger field in the AdS/CFT correspondence is considered. The considerations are along the lines of a paper by Henneaux (hep-th/9902137) and are based on the requirement the solutions to be a stationary point for the action functional. It is shown that this requirement, along with a definite asymptotic behavior of the solutions, fixes the boundary term that must be added to the initial Rarita-Schwinger action. It is also shown that the boundary term reproduce the known two point correlation functions of certain local operators in CFT living on the boundary.

Comments: 12 pages, one more refernce added, some typos corrected
Journal: Mod.Phys.Lett. A14 (1999) 1783-1796
Categories: hep-th
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