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Role of Neural Networks in the Search of the Higgs Boson at LHC

T. Maggipinto, G. Nardulli, S. Dusini, F. Ferrari, I. Lazzizzera, A. Sidoti, A. Sartori, G. P. Tecchiolli

Published 1997-05-30, updated 1997-06-02Version 2

We show that neural network classifiers can be helpful to discriminate Higgs production from background at LHC in the Higgs mass range M= 200 GeV. We employ a common feed-forward neural network trained by the backpropagation algorithm for off-line analysis and the neural chip Totem, trained by the Reactive Tabu Search algorithm, which could be used for on-line analysis.

Comments: Latex, 8 pages, 2 figures
Journal: Phys.Lett. B409 (1997) 517-522
Categories: hep-ex, hep-ph
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