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Leveraging Industry 4.0 -- Deep Learning, Surrogate Model and Transfer Learning with Uncertainty Quantification Incorporated into Digital Twin for Nuclear System

M. Rahman, Abid Khan, Sayeed Anowar, Md Al-Imran, Richa Verma, Dinesh Kumar, Kazuma Kobayashi, Syed Alam

Published 2022-09-30Version 1

Industry 4.0 targets the conversion of the traditional industries into intelligent ones through technological revolution. This revolution is only possible through innovation, optimization, interconnection, and rapid decision-making capability. Numerical models are believed to be the key components of Industry 4.0, facilitating quick decision-making through simulations instead of costly experiments. However, numerical investigation of precise, high-fidelity models for optimization or decision-making is usually time-consuming and computationally expensive. In such instances, data-driven surrogate models are excellent substitutes for fast computational analysis and the probabilistic prediction of the output parameter for new input parameters. The emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML) has made the concept of surrogate modeling even more viable. However, these surrogate models contain intrinsic uncertainties, originate from modeling defects, or both. These uncertainties, if not quantified and minimized, can produce a skewed result. Therefore, proper implementation of uncertainty quantification techniques is crucial during optimization, cost reduction, or safety enhancement processes analysis. This chapter begins with a brief overview of the concept of surrogate modeling, transfer learning, IoT and digital twins. After that, a detailed overview of uncertainties, uncertainty quantification frameworks, and specifics of uncertainty quantification methodologies for a surrogate model linked to a digital twin is presented. Finally, the use of uncertainty quantification approaches in the nuclear industry has been addressed.

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