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Doubly peaked induced stochastic gravitational wave background : Testing baryogenesis from primordial black holes

Nilanjandev Bhaumik, Anish Ghoshal, Marek Lewicki

Published 2022-05-12Version 1

Hawking evaporation of primordial black holes (PBHs) can facilitate the generation of matter-antimatter asymmetry. We focus on ultra-low mass PBHs that briefly dominate the expansion of the universe and evaporate before the big bang nucleosynthesis. We propose a novel test of this scenario through the detection of its characteristic doubly peaked gravitational wave (GW) spectrum in future GW observatories. Here the first order adiabatic scalar perturbations from inflation and the isocurvature perturbations from PBH distribution source the second-order tensor perturbations leading to two peaks in induced GW background. These two resonant peaks in the induced GW background are generated at the beginning of standard RD in the presence of a prior PBH-dominated era. This unique GW spectral shape provides a smoking gun signal of non-thermal baryogenesis from evaporating PBHs, which is otherwise impossible to test in laboratory experiments due to the very high energy scales involved, or the feeble interaction of the dark sector with the visible sector.

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