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Adiabatic pumping via avoided crossings in stiffness modulated quasiperiodic beams

Emanuele Riva, Vito Casieri, Ferruccio Resta, Francesco Braghin

Published 2020-03-25Version 1

In this manuscript we report on adiabatic pumping in quasiperiodic stiffness modulated beams. We show that distinct topological states populating nontrivial gaps can nucleate avoided crossings characterized by edge-to-edge transitions. Such states are inherently coupled when a smooth variation of the modulation phase is induced along a synthetic dimension, resulting in topological edge-to-edge transport stemming from distinct polarizations of the crossing states. We first present a general framework to estimate the required modulation speed for a given transition probability in time. Then, this analysis tool is exploited to tailor topological pumping in a stiffness modulated beam.