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arXiv:1907.08172 [math.AC]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

The structure and free resolution of the symbolic powers of star configurations of hypersurfaces

Paolo Mantero

Published 2019-07-18Version 1

Star configurations of points are configurations with known (and conjectured) extremal behaviors among all configurations of points in $\mathbb P_k^n$; additional interest come from their rich structure, which allows them to be studied using tools from algebraic geometry, combinatorics, commutative algebra and representation theory. In the present paper we investigate the more general problem of determining the structure of symbolic powers of a wide generalization of star configurations of points (introduced by Geramita, Harbourne, Migliore and Nagel) called star configurations of hypersurfaces in $\mathbb P_k^n$. Here (1) we provide explicit minimal generating sets of the symbolic powers $I^{(m)}$ of these ideals $I$, (2) we introduce a notion of $\delta$-c.i. quotients, which generalize ideals with linear quotients, and show that $I^{(m)}$ have $\delta$-c.i. quotients, (3) we show that the shape of the Betti tables of these symbolic powers is determined by certain "Koszul" strands and we prove that a little bit more than the bottom half of the Betti table has a regular, almost hypnotic, pattern, and (4) we provide a closed formula for all the graded Betti numbers in these strands. As a special case of (2) we deduce that symbolic powers of ideals of star configurations of points have linear quotients. We also improve and extend results by Galetto, Geramita, Shin and Van Tuyl, and provide explicit new general formulas for the minimal number of generators and the symbolic defects of star configurations. Finally, inspired by Young tableaux, we introduce a technical tool which may be of independent interest: it is a "canonical" way of writing any monomial in any given set of polynomials. Our methods are characteristic--free.

Comments: This is a preliminary version. Most likely, in the next weeks we will post a second version
Categories: math.AC, math.AG
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