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arXiv:1906.04722 [physics.comp-ph]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

A Hybrid multiphase model based on lattice Boltzmann method direct simulations

Eduard Puig Montellà, Chao Yuan, Bruno Chareyre, Antonio Gens

Published 2019-06-11Version 1

By means of the multicomponent Shan-Chen lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), we investigate the multiphase flow through porous media. Despite the excellent accuracy of the LBM, large domains result in unaffordable computational expenses. The Hybrid model developed in this study is based on a pore-network (PN) approach that enhances a decomposition of the granular assembly into small subsets (pore throats). Lattice Boltzmann simulations are performed for each pore throat to determine the hydrodynamic properties (entry capillary pressure, primary drainage curve, liquid morphology, etc) at the microscale. The local properties obtained with LBM are incorporated at the network to solve the larger-scale problem. This strategy leads to a significant decrease of the computation time at the sample-scale compared to a fully resolved method. Fluid morphology and phase distribution are evaluated during the drainage of a small granular assembly using the Hybrid model (PN-LBM). Results are contrasted with those obtained in a fully resolved simulation (LBM). The agreement between the two models illustrates the capability of the Hybrid method, which combines the efficiency of the PN approach and the accuracy of the LBM at the pore scale.

Comments: Proceedings of the VIII International Conference on Computational Methods for Coupled Problems in Science and Engineering
Journal: CIMNE 2019