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arXiv:1803.04945 [math.GR]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

On fully commutative elements of type $\tilde B$ and $\tilde D$

Sadek AL Harbat

Published 2018-03-13Version 1

We define a tower of injections of $\tilde{B}$-type (resp. $\tilde{D}$-type) Coxeter groups $W(\tilde B_{n})$ (resp. $W(\tilde D_{n})$) for $n\geq 3$. Let $W^c(\tilde B_{n})$ (resp. $W^c(\tilde D_{n})$) be the set of fully commutative elements in $W(\tilde B_{n})$ (resp. $W(\tilde D_{n})$), we classify the elements of this set by giving a normal form for them. We define a $\tilde{B}$-type tower of Hecke algebras and we use the faithfulness at the Coxeter level to show that this last tower is a tower of injections. We use this normal form to define two injections from $W^c(\tilde B_{n-1})$ into $W^c(\tilde B_{n})$. We then define the tower of affine Temperley-Lieb algebras of type $\tilde{B }$ and use the injections above to prove the faithfulness of this tower. We follow the same track for $\tilde{D}$-type objects

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