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Uncertainty Relation on World Crystal and its Applications to Micro Black Holes

Petr Jizba, Hagen Kleinert, Fabio Scardigli

Published 2009-12-11, updated 2009-12-19Version 2

We formulate generalized uncertainty relations in a crystal-like universe whose lattice spacing is of the order of Planck length -- "world crystal". In the particular case when energies lie near the border of the Brillouin zone, i.e., for Planckian energies, the uncertainty relation for position and momenta does not pose any lower bound on involved uncertainties. We apply our results to micro black holes physics, where we derive a new mass-temperature relation for Schwarzschild micro black holes. In contrast to standard results based on Heisenberg and stringy uncertainty relations, our mass-temperature formula predicts both a finite Hawking's temperature and a zero rest-mass remnant at the end of the micro black hole evaporation. We also briefly mention some connections of the world crystal paradigm with 't Hooft's quantization and double special relativity.

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