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arXiv:0910.4388 [cond-mat.mes-hall]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Terahertz-field induced tunneling current with non-linear effects in a double quantum well coupled to a continuum

Marcelo Z. Maialle, Marcos H. Degani, Justino R. Madureira, Paulo F. Farinas

Published 2009-10-22Version 1

We have theoretically investigated the tunneling current induced by a terahertz (THz) field applied to an asymmetric double quantum well. The excitation couples an initially localized state to a nearby continuum of extended states. We have shown that the calculated current has similar features as those present in the optical spectra, such as interference effects due to the interaction between the continuum and the localized states, in addition to many-photon transition effects. The induced current is calculated as a function of the intensity of the THz field. A second THz field is used to yield non-linear processes, useful to control the interference effects. We believe that part of the issues studied here can be usefull for the integration of novel switching mechanisms based on optics (THz) and electronic current.

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