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Lenses in the forest: cross-correlation of the Lyman-alpha flux with CMB lensing

Alberto Vallinotto, Sudeep Das, David N. Spergel, Matteo Viel

Published 2009-03-24, updated 2009-08-19Version 3

We present a theoretical estimate for a new observable: the cross-correlation between the Lyman-alpha flux fluctuations in quasar (QSO) spectra and the convergence of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) as measured along the same line-of-sight. As a first step toward the assessment of its detectability, we estimate the signal-to-noise ratio using linear theory. Although the signal-to-noise is small for a single line-of-sight and peaks at somewhat smaller redshifts than those probed by the Lyman-alpha forest, we estimate a total signal-to-noise of 9 for cross-correlating QSO spectra of SDSS-III with Planck and of 20 for cross-correlating with a future polarization based CMB experiment. The detection of this effect would be a direct measure of the neutral hydrogen-matter cross-correlation and could provide important information on the growth of structures at large scales in a redshift range which is still poorly probed by observations.

Comments: 5 pages, 4 figures, matches published version
Journal: Phys.Rev.Lett.103:091304,2009
Categories: astro-ph.CO
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