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To Subscrible to arXiv Eprints

In the "Preferences" page of your account, you can configure eprint subscriptions:

  • Categories: Specifies the categories of eprints classified by This field is not allowed to be left as blank.
  • Subjects: Refers to codes for the PACS, the MSC-class, the ACM-class, or the JEL-class. However, these codes are not specified for all eprints.
  • Themes: Specifies the themes of eprints in the form category: topic. Topics are sub-classifications of categories.
  • Keywords: Specifies the keywords of eprints which are extracted from the title and abstact or added by users.
  • Tags: Specifies the tags of eprints classified in a non-hierarchical manner.
  • Authors: Specifies the authors of eprints. For Latin characters like á, ñ, and ö, you should remove their diacritics.

Then your subscriptions will appear in the /browse page, where you can also change filters temporarily.