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Search User Interfaces

We have provided three user interfaces for searching or filtering eprints.

Universal search

In the top of every page, you can see a "Search or type a command" box, that is our universal search interface. It supports the most complex and powerful expressions, for example

"dark matter phenomenology" category: astro-ph.CO, hep-ph authors[$size]: 2 title: (W|Z|Higgs).*boson

We will explain this syntax later. If you input the arXiv identifier of an article, you will be directed to the abstract page.

Advanced search

If you enter no words into the search box for universal searching, you will be redirected to the advanced search interface. You can also visit the page by entering the URL in your browser's address bar directly. It gives some examples and provides an overview for the syntax. When hovering on the input fields, you can get more hints.

Simple search

As mentioned before, you can browse your subscription of eprints based on filters like categories, subjects, topics, keywords, etc. In fact, this is also a simple search interface.