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List of Commands

To improve the browsing efficiency, we have provided a command-line interface. The commands serve as shortcuts and can be used in the terminal page or the "Search or type a command" box.

  • help — a shortcut for the redirection of help pages
    Usage: help [options]
    • -gRedirect to /help/general
    • -uRedirect to /help/accounts
    • -sRedirect to /help/search
    • -vRedirect to /help/reviews
    • -rRedirect to /help/references
  • view-pdf — a shortcut for viewing articles in PDF
    Usage: view-pdf [--id] article [options]
    • -jView the journal version of PDF when it exists
  • view-user — a shortcut for the redirection of user account pages
    Usage: view-user [--uid] user [options]
    • -cView the user's preferences if you are authorized
    • -bView the user's bookmarks
    • -pView the user's publications
    • -mView the user's messages if you are authorized