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Exporting Citation in BibTeX

The BibTeX format is used to export the citation of an article. We only support the following entry fields:

Field Description
eprint The arXiv identifier for the eprint.
type The field overriding the default type of publication.
author The names of the authors are separated by the and keyword but not by commas.
title The work's title typed as explained in the LaTeX book.
booktitle The title of a book, part of which is being cited. For book entries, use the title field instead.
chapter The chapter number of a book.
edition The edition of a book in the long form such as "First" or "Second".
editor The names of the editors of the book or collection.
publisher The publisher's name.
journal The journal or magazine the work was published in.
year The year of publication. Generally it should consist of four numerals.
month The month in which the work was published using the standard three-letter abbreviation.
volume The volume of a journal or multi-volume book.
number The (issue) number of a journal, magazine, technical report, or work in a series if applicable.
pages The page numbers separated either by commas or double-hyphens.
doi The digital object identifier of the article.
url The web address of the article.