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Supported Browsers

We use HTML5 and CSS3 to build our user interface. If you are still using IE 8 or blow, please upgrade your browser to IE 10+. IE 9 also works, but it lacks of some new features of HTML5 forms, such as placeholder and formaction.

Latest versions of modern browsers are strongly recommended, since they will create a better user experience. To fully support the cutting edge technologies used in our website, you may would like to choose from the following list:

  • Firefox 28+
  • Chrome 32+
  • Opera 20+
  • Safari 7+
  • Edge 12+
  • IE 10+

Even though the mobile-first web design has become more and more popular, we still adopt the desktop-first approach. Not only because it is easier to conceptualize and more well-understood, but also due to the fact that screen resolutions keep on growing both for smartphones and laptops.