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Sideward flow of K+ mesons in Ru+Ru and Ni+Ni reactions near threshold

P. Crochet, N. Herrmann, K. Wisniewski, Y. Leifels, the FOPI collaboration

Published 2000-06-09Version 1

Experimental data on K+ meson and proton sideward flow measured with the FOPI detector at SIS/GSI in the reactions Ru+Ru at 1.69 AGeV and Ni+Ni at 1.93 AGeV are presented. The K+ sideward flow is found to be anti-correlated (correlated) with the one of protons at low (high) transverse momenta. When compared to the predictions of a transport model, the data favour the existence of an in-medium repulsive K+ nucleon potential.

Comments: 16 pages Revtex, 3 ps-figures, submitted to Phys. Lett. B
Journal: Phys.Lett. B486 (2000) 6-12
Categories: nucl-ex
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