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The order of monochromatic subgraphs with a given minimum degree

Yair Caro, Raphael Yuster

Published 2002-12-30Version 1

Let $G$ be a graph. For a given positive integer $d$, let $f_G(d)$ denote the largest integer $t$ such that in every coloring of the edges of $G$ with two colors there is a monochromatic subgraph with minimum degree at least $d$ and order at least $t$. For $n > k > d$ let $f(n,k,d)$ denote the minimum of $f_G(d)$ where $G$ ranges over all graphs with $n$ vertices and minimum degree at least $k$. In this paper we establish $f(n,k,d)$ whenever $k$ or $n-k$ are fixed, and $n$ is sufficiently large. We also consider the case where more than two colors are allowed.

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