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Search for the intermediate Mass Higgs Signal at TeV $eγ$ colliders

Kingman Cheung

Published 1993-04-03Version 1

The intermediate mass Higgs (IMH) can be abundantly produced through the process $e^-\gamma \rightarrow W^-H\nu$ at TeV $e^-\gamma$ colliders, which are realized by the laser back-scattering method. We search for the signature of $W^-H \rightarrow (jj)(b\bar b)$ plus missing transverse momentum, with and without considering the $b$-tagging. We also analyse all the potential backgrounds from $e^-\gamma \rightarrow W^-Z\nu,\,W^-W^+e^-,\,ZZe^-,\, \bar t b\nu$ and $t\bar t e^-$. With our selective acceptance cuts these backgrounds are reduced to a manageable level. We find that for the entire intermediate mass range 60 -- 150~GeV the Higgs discovery should be viable. We also present detail formulas for the helicity amplitudes of these processes.

Comments: Latex(Revtex), 30 pages, 8 figures in postscript format (uuencoded), NUHEP-TH-93-3
Journal: Phys.Rev. D48 (1993) 1035-1047
Categories: hep-ph
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