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Experimental Realization of Neutron Helical Waves

D. Sarenac, M. E. Henderson, H. Ekinci, Charles W. Clark, D. G. Cory, L. Debeer-Schmitt, M. G. Huber, C. Kapahi, D. A. Pushin

Published 2022-05-12Version 1

Methods of preparation and analysis of structured waves of light, electrons, and atoms have been advancing rapidly. Despite the proven power of neutrons for material characterization and studies of fundamental physics, neutron science has not been able to fully integrate such techniques due to small transverse coherence lengths, the relatively poor resolution of spatial detectors, and low fluence rates. Here, we demonstrate methods that are practical with the existing technologies, and show the experimental achievement of neutron helical wavefronts that carry well-defined orbital angular momentum (OAM) values. We discuss possible applications and extensions to spin-orbit correlations and material characterization techniques.

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