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arXiv:2104.03301 [hep-ph]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Muon g-2 in Lepton Portal Dark Matter

Yang Bai, Joshua Berger

Published 2021-04-07Version 1

The Lepton Portal Dark Matter model, in which dark matter states only coupling to the charged leptons, can explain the excess of the muon anomalous magnetic moment measured by the Muon $g - 2$ experiment. In this paper, we demonstrate that real, charge-neutral scalar dark matter with a large number of internal degrees of freedom and a mass approximately degenerate with the charged fermionic mediator state can accommodate the $(g - 2)_\mu$ excess. The model remains consistent with the dark matter relic abundance, direct detection, and indirect detection constraints. The dark matter and its charged fermion partner masses are constrained to be below around 200 GeV. The high-luminosity LHC and future lepton colliders, as well as indirect searches at CTA and GAMMA-400, can test this scenario.

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