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arXiv:2104.03295 [quant-ph]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Experimental Quantum Learning of a Spectral Decomposition

Michael R. Geller, Zoë Holmes, Patrick J. Coles, Andrew Sornborger

Published 2021-04-07Version 1

Currently available quantum hardware allows for small scale implementations of quantum machine learning algorithms. Such experiments aid the search for applications of quantum computers by benchmarking the near-term feasibility of candidate algorithms. Here we demonstrate the quantum learning of a two-qubit unitary by a sequence of three parameterized quantum circuits containing a total of 21 variational parameters. Moreover, we variationally diagonalize the unitary to learn its spectral decomposition, i.e., its eigenvalues and eigenvectors. We illustrate how this can be used as a subroutine to compress the depth of dynamical quantum simulations. One can view our implementation as a demonstration of entanglement-enhanced machine learning, as only a single (entangled) training data pair is required to learn a 4x4 unitary matrix.

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