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Analytical Spectrum of Nonlinear Thomson Scattering Including Radiation Reaction

A. Di Piazza, G. Audagnotto

Published 2021-02-22Version 1

Accelerated charges emit electromagnetic radiation and the consequent energy-momentum loss alters their trajectory. This phenomenon is known as radiation reaction and the Landau-Lifshitz (LL) equation is the classical equation of motion of the electron, which takes into account self-consistently radiation-reaction effects in the electron trajectory. By using the analytical solution of the LL equation in an arbitrary plane wave, we compute the analytical expression of the classical emission spectrum via nonlinear Thomson scattering including radiation-reaction effects. Both the angularly-resolved energy spectrum and the angularly-integrated light-cone energy spectrum are reported, which represent the exact classical expressions of the spectra in the sense that neglected contributions are smaller than quantum effects. In this way, we have also obtained a phase-dependent expression of the electron dressed mass including radiation-reaction effects. Finally, the corresponding spectra within the locally-constant field approximation have been derived.

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