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arXiv:2009.07260 [math.CV]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

$L^p$ Regularity of Toeplitz Operators on Generalized Hartogs Triangles

Meijke Balay, Trent Neutgens, Nick Rosen, Nathan A. Wagner, Yunus E. Zeytuncu

Published 2020-09-15Version 1

We obtain $L^p$ estimates for Toeplitz operators on the generalized Hartogs triangles $\mathbb{H}_\gamma = \{(z_1,z_2) \in \mathbb{C}^2: |z_1|^\gamma < |z_2|<1\}$ for two classes of positive radial symbols, one a power of the distance to the origin, and the other a power of the distance to the boundary.

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