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arXiv:2003.11508 [math.RT]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

On unitarizable Harish-Chandra bimodules for deformations of Kleinian singularities

Daniil Klyuev

Published 2020-03-25Version 1

The notion of a Harish-Chandra bimodule, i.e. finitely generated $U(\mathfrak{g})$-bimodule with locally finite adjoint action, was generalized to any filtered algebra in a work of Losev [Ivan Losev, Dimensions of irreducible modules over W-algebras and Goldie ranks. arXiv:1209.1083]. Similarly to the classical case we can define the notion of a unitarizable bimodule. We investigate a question when the regular bimodule, i.e. the algebra itself, for a deformation of Kleinian singularity of type $A$ is unitarizable. We obtain a partial classification of unitarizable regular bimodules.

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