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arXiv:1912.00999 [astro-ph.GA]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Globular clusters in the stellar stream surrounding the Milky Way analog NGC 5907

Adebusola B. Alabi, Duncan A. Forbes, Aaron J. Romanowsky, Jean P. Brodie

Published 2019-12-02Version 1

We study the globular clusters (GCs) in the spiral galaxy NGC~5907 well-known for its spectacular stellar stream -- to better understand its origin. Using wide-field Subaru/Suprime-Cam $gri$ images and deep Keck/DEIMOS multi-object spectroscopy, we identify and obtain the kinematics of several GCs superimposed on the stellar stream and the galaxy disk. We estimate the total number of globular clusters in NGC 5907 to be $154\pm44$, with a specific frequency of $0.73\pm0.21$. Our analysis also reveals a significant, new population of young star cluster candidates found mostly along the outskirts of the stellar disk. Using the properties of the stream GCs, we estimate that the disrupted galaxy has a stellar mass similar to the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy accreted by the Milky Way, i.e. $\sim10^8~M_\odot$.

Comments: 9 pages, 9 figures, catalog of GCs is available in online version
Categories: astro-ph.GA
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