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arXiv:1911.02553 [cond-mat.mes-hall]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Comment on: Locally self-consistent embedding approach for disordered electronic systems

Rostam Moradian, Sina Moradian

Published 2019-11-06Version 1

We comment on the article by Yi Zhang, Hanna Terletska, Ka-Ming Tam, Yang Wang, Markus Eisenbach, Liviu Chioncel, and Mark Jarrell [Phys. Rev. B 100, 054205 (2019)] 1 in which to study substitution disordered systems, they presented an embedding scheme for the locally self-consistent method. Here we show that their method is a truncated case of our supercell approximation by neglecting supercell wave vectors dependence on self-energy and replacing them by a local on-site self-energy, in our articles. Also their real and k- space self energies in the limit of the number of supercell sites go to a number of lattice sites do not recover exact self energies. For highlighting the advantage of our methods with respect to other methods such as dynamical cluster approximation 5 in capturing electron localization, we apply our real space supercell approximation, beyond real space supercell approximation and supercell local self-energy method to one and two-dimensional substitution disorder alloy systems. Our calculations of electron localization probability illustrate finite values indicating electron localization.

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