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arXiv:1910.04139 [math-ph]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Resonance interactions of multi-particle systems

Simon Barth, Andreas Bitter, Semjon Vugalter

Published 2019-10-09Version 1

We consider $N$-body Schr\"odinger operators with a virtual level at the threshold of the essential spectrum. We show that in the case of $N\geq 3$ particles in dimension $d\geq3$ virtual levels turn into simple eigenvalues of the system and we obtain decay rates of the corresponding eigenfunctions in dependence on the dimension and the number of particles. We prove that in dimension $d\geq 3$ the Hamiltonian of $N\geq 4$ particles interacting via short-range potentials admits only a finite number of negative eigenvalues. We extend our results to dimension $d=1$ and $d=2$ in case of $N\geq 4$ fermions.

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