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arXiv:1910.04130 [cond-mat.str-el]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Relaxation dynamics in a Hubbard dimer coupled to fermionic baths: phenomenological description and its microscopic foundation

Eric Kleinherbers, Nikodem Szpak, Jürgen König, Ralf Schützhold

Published 2019-10-09Version 1

We study relaxation dynamics in a strongly-interacting two-site Fermi-Hubbard model that is induced by fermionic baths. To derive the proper form of the Lindblad operators that enter an effective description of the system-bath coupling in different temperature regimes, we employ a diagrammatic real-time technique for the reduced density matrix. An improvement on the commonly-used secular approximation, referred to as coherent approximation, is presented. We analyze the spectrum of relaxation rates and identify different time scales that are involved in the equilibration of the Hubbard dimer after a quantum quench.

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