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arXiv:1909.04650 [math.AC]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Regularity of S_n-invariant monomial ideals

Claudiu Raicu

Published 2019-09-10Version 1

For a polynomial ring S in n variables, we consider the natural action of the symmetric group S_n on S by permuting the variables. For an S_n-invariant monomial ideal I in S and j >= 0, we give an explicit recipe for computing the modules Ext^j(S/I,S), and use this to describe the projective dimension and regularity of I. We classify the S_n-invariant monomial ideals that have a linear free resolution, and also characterize those which are Cohen-Macaulay. We then consider two settings for analyzing the asymptotic behavior of regularity: one where we look at powers of a fixed ideal I, and another where we vary the dimension of the ambient polynomial ring and examine the invariant monomial ideals induced by I. In the first case we determine the asymptotic regularity for those ideals I that are generated by the S_n-orbit of a single monomial by solving an integer linear optimization problem. In the second case we describe the behavior of regularity for any I, recovering a recent result of Murai.

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