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arXiv:1908.04782 [cond-mat.quant-gas]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Pairing in two-dimensional Fermi gases with a coordinate-space potential

Tash Zielinski, Bernard Ross, Alexandros Gezerlis

Published 2019-08-13Version 1

In this work we theoretically study pairing in two-dimensional Fermi gases, a system which is experimentally accessible using cold atoms. We start by deriving the mean-field pairing gap equation for a coordinate-space potential with a finite interaction range, and proceed to solve this numerically. We find that for sufficiently short effective ranges the answer is identical to the zero-range one. We then use Diffusion Monte Carlo to evaluate the total energy for many distinct particle numbers; we employ several variational parameters to produce a good ground-state energy and then use these results to extract the pairing gap across a number of interaction strengths in the strongly interacting two-dimensional crossover. Extracting the gap via the odd-even energy staggering, our microscopic results can be used as benchmarks for other theoretical approaches.

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