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arXiv:1908.04779 [cs.ET]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Improved circuits for a biologically-inspired random pulse computer

Mario Stipčević, Mateja Batelić

Published 2019-08-13Version 1

We present improved circuits intended for building a universal computer based on Random Pulse Computing (RPC) paradigm, a biologically-inspired (BIOLOGICALLY INSPIRED) way of computation in which variable is represented by a frequency of a Random Pulse Train (RPT) rather than a logic state. The RPC we mention here is also known as "stochastic unipolar computation" in newer literature. Unlike in previous art, where randomness is obtained from electronics noise or a pseudorandom shift register while processing circuitry is deterministic, in our approach both variable generation and signal processing rely on the random flip-flop (RFF) whose randomness is derived from a fundamentally random quantum process. This offers advantage in better precision and faster calculation.