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A decade of skyrmionics: Writing, deleting, reading and processing magnetic skyrmions roward spintronic applications

Xichao Zhang, Yan Zhou, Kyung Mee Song, Tae-Eon Park, Jing Xia, Motohiko Ezawa, Xiaoxi Liu, Weisheng Zhao, Guoping Zhao, Seonghoon Woo

Published 2019-06-11Version 1

The field of skyrmionics has been actively investigated across a wide range of topics during the last decade. In this topical review, we review and discuss key results and findings in skyrmionics since the first experimental observation of magnetic skyrmions in 2009. We particularly focus on the theoretical, computational and experimental findings and advances that are directly relevant to the spintronic applications based on magnetic skyrmions, i.e. their writing, deleting, reading and processing driven by magnetic field, electric current and thermal energy. We then review several potential applications including information storage, logic computing gates and non-conventional devices such as neuromorphic computing devices. Finally, we discuss possible future research directions on magnetic skyrmions, which also cover rich topics on other topological textures such as antiskyrmions and bimerons in antiferromagnets and frustrated magnets.

Comments: This is a review article. Please let the corresponding author know if there's any suggestion or comment on the contents of this manuscript. (93 pages, 14 figures)