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arXiv:1905.06303 [cond-mat.mes-hall]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Manipulating multi-vortex states in superconducting structures

Hryhoriy Polshyn, Tyler Naibert, Raffi Budakian

Published 2019-05-15Version 1

We demonstrate a method for manipulating small ensembles of vortices in multiply-connected superconducting structures. A micron-size magnetic particle attached to the tip of a silicon cantilever is used to locally apply magnetic flux through the superconducting structure. By scanning the tip over the surface of the device, and by utilizing the dynamical coupling between the vortices and the cantilever, a high-resolution spatial map of the different vortex configurations is obtained. Moving the tip to a particular location in the map stabilizes a distinct multi-vortex configuration. Thus, the scanning of the tip over a particular trajectory in space permits non-trivial operations to be performed, such as braiding of individual vortices within a larger vortex ensemble -- a key capability required by many proposals for topological quantum computing.