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Nucleon Structure from Lattice QCD Calculations

Jian-Wei Qiu

Published 2019-03-28Version 1

Parton distribution and correlation functions describe the relation between a hadron and the quarks and gluons (or collectively, the partons) within it, and carry rich information on hadron's partonic structure that cannot be calculated by QCD perturbation theory. In this talk, I will review what lattice QCD can and cannot do for calculating the parton distribution and correlation functions, and the new ideas and efforts around the world to explore nucleon structure from lattice QCD calculations by combining the strength of both lattice QCD and perturbative QCD in such a way that is complementary to our on-going effort to extract these fundamental functions from experimental data.

Comments: 8 pages, 5 figures, to be published in the proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics, November 13-17, 2019, Tsukuba, Japan
Categories: hep-ph, hep-lat, nucl-th
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