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arXiv:1903.06159 [math-ph]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

$q$-Racah ensemble and $q$-P$\left(E_7^{(1)}/A_{1}^{(1)}\right)$ Discrete Painléve equation

Anton Dzhamay, Alisa Knizel

Published 2019-03-14Version 1

The goal of this paper is to investigate the missing part of the story about the relationship between the orthogonal polynomial ensembles and Painlev\'e equations. Namely, we consider the case of $q$-Racah polynomial ensemble and show that the one-interval gap probabilities in this case can be expressed through a solution of the discrete $q$-P$\left(E_7^{(1)}/A_{1}^{(1)}\right)$ equation. Our approach also gives us a new Lax pair for this equation. This Lax pair has an interesting additional involutive symmetry structure.

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