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arXiv:1903.06144 [cond-mat.mes-hall]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Finite frequency noise in chiral Luttinger liquid coupled to phonons

Edvin G. Idrisov

Published 2019-03-14Version 1

We study transport between Quantum Hall (QH) edge states at filling factor $\nu = 1$ in the presence of electron-acoustic-phonon coupling. Performing a Bogoliubov-Valatin (BV) trasformation the low-energy spectrum of interacting electron-phonon system is presented. The electron-phonon interaction splits the spectrum into charged and neutral "downstream" and neutral "upstream" modes with different velocities. In the regimes of dc and periodic ac biases the tunelling current and non-equilibrium finite frequency non-symmetrized noise are calculated perturbatively in tunneling coupling of quantum point contact (QPC). We show that the presence of electron-phonon interaction strongly modifies noise and current relations compared to free-fermion case.

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