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arXiv:1902.03232 [math.SP]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Green function and self-adjoint Laplacians on polyhedral surfaces

Alexey Kokotov, Kelvin Lagota

Published 2019-02-08Version 1

Using Roelcke formula for the Green function, we explicitly construct a basis in the kernel of the adjoint Laplacian on a compact polyhedral surface $X$ and compute the $S$-matrix of $X$ at the zero value of the spectral parameter. We apply these results to study various self-adjoint extensions of a symmetric Laplacian on a compact polyhedral surface of genus two with a single conical point. It turns out that the behaviour of the $S$-matrix at the zero value of the spectral parameter is sensitive to the geometry of the polyhedron.

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