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arXiv:1902.03220 [physics.atom-ph]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Maltese cross coupling to cold atoms in free space

Natalia Bruno, Lorena C. Bianchet, Nan Li, Vindhyia Prakash, Natalia Alves, Morgan W. Mitchell

Published 2019-02-08Version 1

We demonstrate a novel geometry for strong coupling of light and matter in free space, i.e., without the use of optical cavities. Guided by optical metrology tools, we use a manual pick-and-place technique to precisely and stably position four high numerical aperture (NA=0.5) aspheric lenses along the four cardinal directions with their foci at a single central point. The geometry immediately doubles the available solid angle and thus the light-atom coupling relative to two-lens schemes, and will enable new trapping, excitation, and collection methods. We test the system by trapping a single 87Rb at the common focus and observing its fluorescence simultaneously from four directions. The fluorescence signals indicate both sub-Poissonian atom number statistics and photon anti-bunching, showing suitability for cold atom quantum optics.

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