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arXiv:1812.02730 [astro-ph.CO]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Joint cosmological inference of cosmic sirens and gravitational wave weak lensing

Giuseppe Congedo, Andy Taylor

Published 2018-12-06Version 1

We present the first joint inference of cosmic sirens and gravitational wave weak lensing by filtering of the same dataset. We imagine a post-LISA scenario emerging around the late 2030s when LISA will have accumulated a number of detections at high redshift; LIGO-VIRGO will have finished observing at low redshift, and Einstein Telescope will have started making new observations out to redshifts possibly overlapping with LISA. Euclid and other cosmological probes will have provided constraints at percent level by then, but mostly exhausted their ability to improve any further. We derive forecasts assuming $\sim1\,\text{deg}^{-2}$ detected sources, in conjunction with a spectroscopic follow-up (e.g. by Euclid, DESI, or ATHENA). Thanks to the statistical power of cosmic sirens as a geometric probe and no external priors assumed, the constraints on dark matter, namely $\Omega_m$ and $\sigma_8$, could easily be improved by an order of magnitude, down to less than $1\%$ and $3\%$. The Hubble constant could be constrained to better than $0.5\%$ in all cases; the dark energy density, $\Omega_\Lambda$, to $0.5\%$, and curvature, $\Omega_K$, to few $10^{-3}$; the amplitude and spectral tilt of the scalar fluctuations, $\ln(10^{10}A_s)$ and $n_s$, to $2\%$ and $7\%$. As a completely independent cosmological probe, with less calibration requirements, the joint inference of cosmic sirens and gravitational wave weak lensing might help solve the tensions currently observed between other cosmological probes, such as CMB, galaxy lensing, and Type Ia SNs, and distinguish between residual systematics and new physics.

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