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arXiv:1812.02711 [cs.SY]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Formal Synthesis of Analytic Controllers for Sampled-Data Systems via Genetic Programming

Cees F. Verdier, Manuel Mazo Jr

Published 2018-12-06Version 1

This paper presents an automatic formal controller synthesis method for nonlinear sampled-data systems with safety and reachability specifications. Fundamentally, the presented method is not restricted to polynomial systems and controllers. We consider periodically switched controllers based on a Control Lyapunov Barrier-like functions. The proposed method utilizes genetic programming to synthesize these functions as well as the controller modes. Correctness of the controller are subsequently verified by means of a Satisfiability Modulo Theories solver. Effectiveness of the proposed methodology is demonstrated on multiple systems.

Comments: The original version of this article has been accepted to CDC 2018. This version contains minor corrections. Supported by NWO Domain TTW under the CADUSY project \#13852
Categories: cs.SY, cs.NE
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